March 31, 2024

Hellway Train sounds like a name of a classic heavy metal band, right? Exactly. These guys are from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and for their 13 years of existence so far, have released two EPs in 2014 and 2021. Now, April 5th will finally mark the arrival of their full length album Borderline, which just happens to tick all the right boxes for us, old school fans.

The band line-up has been steady for these years, with the exception of drummer Filipe Stress, who joined Hellway Train this year. Borderline starts with a synth-dominated intro, which is like an early 80’s horror movie soundtrack, before Hell On Earth flexes its muscles in vintage Priest style. The guitars and the melody lines are really impressive and well-crafted, which can also be said for all of the following tracks. This speedy number is followed by the more mid-tempo rocker Born To Rock Hard, which also evokes the spirit of the mighty Priest, but without sounding like a copy. Bounded To Devour, which is also the single you can listen to below, is a fantastic old school metal worship, with one of the best choruses in the album. A lot of praise should also be directed to Ghost (Over The Night), which is a total metal hymn, showcasing the varied, amazing vocals by Marc Hellway, mixing in some Mercyful Fate influences for a stunning effect. Outbreak and When Love Becomes A Lie are great instrumental tracks, with some background synths, which make the other songs breathe and the album track list flow better.

Cold Town is more mid-tempo, sounding very atmospheric, with an ominous, dark feel, and cleverly constructed rhythm section. Gateways To Arkham Asylum is one of the album’s centerpieces, with a brooding atmosphere, heavy US power metal-influenced riffs and once again, fantastic vocals. The song follows a common lyrical thread in the album dealing with the limits of madness and sanity, human feelings, with references to literature and movie classics. The original and eye-catching artwork also contributes to immersing in the album’s atmosphere. Closer Solidão is a cover of a 1987 song by the cult Brazilian band Azul Limão and fits very well. Hellway Train have worked so long and persevered to reach the moment to release their debut full length almost 14 years after the band’s formation, but the result is totally worth it. Borderline is a great display of the band’s potential and one of the albums I enjoyed most so far this year. Check it out.


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Borderline will be out on April 5th and can be ordered from HERE