June 2, 2021

There are some bands that like to experiment and push the boundaries of music to the extremes and this can be as challenging as it is rewarding for their fans and then there are the bands that have hit on a style and format that works just so perfectly that you do not need to mess about with it. You wouldn’t want any major changes from the likes of Ted Nugent, Motorhead, Scorpions or Judas Priest would you? No, they hit the magic formulae early on and we know exactly what we are going to get and thoroughly enjoy it too. It is exactly the same with Herman Frank, the amazing German guitarist perhaps best known for his stints with Accept, Sinner and Victory as well as releasing several solo albums and he truly is a stalwart of the heavy metal scene.

As is often reported, much of the power metal scene has its roots in Judas Priest and Herman Frank is no different as he extensively uses the Priest template to produce his own and quite distinct hard rock which is every bit as valid and outstanding as what the likes of Accept and Helloween are offering. Maybe, he does not have the name of those giants but he certainly has the skill, talents and songs to be every bit as valid in the metal arena. Two For A Lie is now his fifth album under his own name and each has been a moody and magnificent affair and a real heavy metal showcase, this axeman can rock with the very best. Again he has put together a quality team to help bring his music to life with the outstanding Rick Altzi of Masterplan and bassist Michael Müller from Jaded Heart continuing their collaboration with Frank with new incoming musicians in guitarist Mike Pesin (Magistarium/Victory) and Kevin Kott (At Vance/Masterplan) on drums. The new guys have settled in comfortably with Kott a genuine powerhouse drummer and the guitar work form Pesin is thrilling and exemplary. As should be expected, Frank and Pesin have gelled perfectly and make for as good a twin guitar team as you will ever hear over which Altzi again thrills to the core.

The songs are perfectly compiled being wonderful examples of how metal should be written and delivered and this is an album you will play again and again. If you are looking for a love song or ballad then look elsewhere as this is breakneck metal with the power of a runaway train and as equally devastating. I remember being blown away by his last album, Fight The Fear, but Two For A Lie has definitely upped the stakes and is, perhaps, as good as anything that Herman Frank has ever done and he has been involved with some truly ground breaking metal albums over the years.

This is a typical German hard and heavy metal album straight out of the Priest/Accept template and is not a clone but a very live, vibrant and typical Herman Frank album. Great songs, wonderful vocals and guitar that will have you reaching for you air guitar to play along with the metal masters. There is a neat tribute to Dio’s Sabbath and Priest on the track Stand Up And Fight which is a real delight and makes you realize just how lucky we are to have such amazing rock music at our disposal.

If you haven’t come across Herman Frank then you are really missing out on some truly amazing hard rock and Two For A Lie is a great place to welcome a truly amazing team of musicians into your life and then you can explore the back catalogue at your leisure; you are going to have a great time but better pre-warn your neighbours that your stereo is going to be cranked to the max!

Two For A Lie track list

  1. Teutonic Order (4:58)
  2. Venom (3:46)
  3. Hate (3:50)
  4. Eye Of The Storm (4:42)
  5. Liar (4:15)
  6. Hail The New Kings (3:42)
  7. Just A Second To Lose (3:56)
  8. Danger (3:30)
  9. Stand Up And Fight (4:42)
  10. Open Your Mind (5:30)