February 22, 2023

Heroes And Monsters is a new three-piece group (and who doesn’t love a power trio?) put together by the outstanding musicians Todd Kerns on lead vocals and bass, Stef Burns on guitar and Will Hunt on drums with their self-titled debut being an intense and powerful hard rock album that is a real statement of intent.

Heroes And Monsters play classic hard rock with a sound in the same style as bands like Thunder, Inglorious, Alter Bridge and The Dead Daisies and when I first heard the album I immediately thought of Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and then I saw that the band featured Kerns who provides bass and backing vocals for Slash/Kennedy as well as being a well-respected multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer. He is also the frontman for the Canadian band The Age Of Electric and Toque which is another band labelled as a supergroup so Kerns is most definitely a musician with talent in abundance! Guitarist Burns is another musician with one hell of a pedigree fronting his own band, Stef Burns League, as well as having recorded with Y&T and Alice Cooper as well as currently performing with the Italian performer Vasco Rossi. Drummer Hunt has been with Evanescence since 2007 and he too has a wealth of credits with artists like Staind, Michael Sweet, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil.

Together, they have pooled their awesome talents to produce a storming rock album that buzzes with vitality, towering riffs and vocals that are off the scale in terms of intensity and power plus guitar that fairly fizzles and crackles with electric energy. There is also a neat surprise with a cover of Set Me Free by the British glam band Sweet with the track originally on the band’s Sweet F.A. album and if you thought that Sweet were nothing more than a bubble-gum pop band then give the album a listen and you will hear some immense heavy metal and the guitar on the title track could not have been played any better if performed by Ritchie Blackmore himself. The band actually play a very faithful rendition of the song which shows that they admire its rock credentials which is a nice touch from them. If you think Alter Bridge and The Dead Daisies deliver hard rock to perfection then there is now a new name in town offering superior modern rock to rival just about any band you can think of.

If you are looking for a modern rock band that kicks ass big time then look no further than Heroes And Monsters!

Heroes And Monsters

  1. Locked And Loaded (3:57)
  2. Raw Power (4:10)
  3. Let’s Ride It (4:03)
  4. Angels Never Sleep (4:14)
  5. I Knew You Were The Devil (4:05)
  6. Break Me (I’m Yours) (3:48)
  7. Blame (3:50)
  8. Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong (3:38)
  9. Set Me Free (4:08)
  10. And You’ll Remain (3:51)

Heroes And Monsters is out now via Frontiers Records