December 29, 2020

We are living in a crazy world and through some pretty strange times but I’m not quite sure what to make of this latest EP from the American three piece rock outfit Hewolf.

Apparently, they have written and recorded this music for the soundtrack of the proposed film Iron Survivor 2 but the film has now been cancelled due to the difficulties in film making caused by the Covid epidemic. Sounds very plausible and understandable but when you read the synopsis of the film you begin to suspect that your leg is being pulled and pulled hard. So, the story is about a guy called Danny Laredo who, and I quote, ‘wandered into the dangerous underground world of high-stakes rock paper scissors competitions’ so I think we can surmise that here is a band with a sense of humour and an eye (and ear) for parody.

The band comprises three friends from Richmond, Virginia who put the band together in 2014 with Paul Burnette on vocals and bass, Johnny Throckmorton on guitar and Erik Josephson on drums and this latest EP is the fifth that the band has put out so a full album must be due at some stage soon. The band is very much into the alternative metal movement and should appeal to fans of Soundgarden and Queens Of The Stone Age with their heavy delivery that is drum and bass driven with plenty of neat churning riffs. The songs are all short, sharp and aggressive and all are catchy and infectious with a great vocal delivery.

The story makes you smile but the band can and does back up the rhetoric with six tracks of high energy rock delivered with plenty of class and the right amount of angst.

Iron Survivor II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack track list

  1. Grip It (4:28)
  2. Go All The Way (3:01)
  3. Dirty Pretty Things (3:02)
  4. In Too Deep (3:02)
  5. Nothing Is Over (4:00)
  6. Iron Survivor Theme (4:09)