November 1, 2022

Hit The Ground Runnin’ is an American melodic rock band which was formed in 1985 and originally called Free Delivery but this was changed in 1986. The band has had a stop start career and have hardly been prolific over the years with Lost In Translation being only the fourth album to date. The debut album, Sudden Impact, came out in 1989 and was a smooth and slick melodic/AOR record that garnered a lot of interest and led to some high-profile gigs but the career stalled for a number of reasons. This album received a fine, expanded re-release last year and for many fans it was great to hear the music again. There was a follow up, Control Yourself, which was planned for a 1991 release but this was delayed until 2000 and then the third album, HGR, came out in 2007 and that was the last of the records although the band continued to perform live.

Belatedly, we now come to Lost In Translation which is the ‘new’ album but it is a record some 30-years in development with most the songs originally being recorded as demos for a planned release under the band’s first name of Free Delivery which never actually happened due to the name and direction change made in the ’80s. The band remains as Blair Rumsey on lead vocals, Alan Augunas on guitar, Paul Piccari on bass, Jimmy Katone on drums and Rob Kay on keyboards with all musicians supplying backing vocals too. Sudden Impact was a very slick AOR album with a definite 90125-era Yes feel especially with Rumsey’s high vocals plus bands of the time like Max Webster and Honeymoon Suite.

Lost In Translation is a little more mainstream rock with a harder edge plus stronger guitars and keyboards. The passage of the years has affected Rumsey’s voice so it is a little deeper and more strident with the music still being AOR based but a touch more Saga and with elements of Styx in the composition. Fans of old will be delighted to finally have some new material to enjoy but it may just have come a few years too late for newcomers to the band.

Lost In Translation

  1. Hallway Of Doors (1:09)
  2. Overnight Sensation (3:49)
  3. Bad Reputation (4:48)
  4. Simply Because (4:38)
  5. Second Chance (2:36)
  6. Wake You Up (3:26)
  7. Baby You (4:31)
  8. Win Or Lose (4:03)
  9. Rocking Again (4:26)
  10. Long And Lonely Time (4:25)
  11. Cry For The Children (5:50)