June 3, 2021

Hot Laundry is an upbeat, infectious and great fun garage rock band from San Francisco with this four track EP being the band’s latest release.

It’s a real hotchpotch as it mixes so many styles with a flavour of just about everything that you could imagine thrown in and thoroughly mixed up and what comes out is 15-minutes of pure magic pop/rock that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Part Motown magic, B52’s madness, a touch of indie attitude and 100% glamorous kitsch, these three girls have it all. Janette Lopez is the lead singer and she has a great Mary Wells type delivery and is ably supported by her backing vocalists and dancers Ileath Bridges and Gena Serey and together they make this fine EP pure ’60s molten gold. Not sure who the musicians are but they give very able backing with some neat riffs and jangly guitar giving a boogie vibe that is ideal to dance to.

Shake Slide Twist is great fun music from some serious musicians who sound like they can turn their collective hands to just about any musical style that you can think of. Check it out and smile whilst you do so.

Shake Slide Twist track list

  1. Shake (3:10)
  2. What Would I Do (2:51)
  3. Satisfied Master (4:24)
  4. Glitter And Gold (3:37)