November 26, 2023

Welsh riff slingers, HOUSE OF HOSTS, have just delivered their mightily impressive new single and video, Oblivion.

Formed in Swansea, Wales, and comprised of Daniel Griffiths (vocals), Jack Hunt (bass), Beth Goodwin (drums), James Russell (guitar) and Ross Davies (guitar), HOUSE OF HOSTS solidified their sound and line up in April 2023. The roots of the band, however, stem from friendships born many years ago. The band lift from the power and guile of Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold, from the crossover appeal of Disturbed, and from the depth of Dream Theater, to pack together a heady blend of pummelling hooks laced with layered riffage, and complemented by sturdy bass and rock solid beats.

After vigorously sharpening their set, HOUSE OF HOSTS headed to the studio to work on the track, Oblivion. Guitarist James Russell remarks about the single: “The song started life when I was living in a hotel in Rotherham a few years ago; it was the first song I showed Dan. We weren’t even going to record it, but when our producers found it, they were so impressed that they didn’t want to do anything else.” The single is certainly an intensely powerful song that is loaded with chunky rhythms, thoughtful dynamics, and a full-frontal hook, making it a potent slice of modern metal.

Plans are now afoot for further recordings and a UK tour which will happen in 2024. Stay glued to the band’s socials for announcements and more. 


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