December 27, 2019

Yet another of those great melodic rock bands coming out of Sweden, House Of Shakira formed around 1991 but it was not until 1997 that they finally released Lint, their quiet exceptional and very well received debut album. They have since followed this with quite regular releases although it does seem that the general consensus is that few have come near the quality of the first, fans can be so fickle! 

I’m not sure what it is about Swedish melodic rock bands but they do special is a glorious mid-Atlantic rock that takes the best of glossy American AOR and fuses it with a grittier European sensibility. House Of Shakira have been past masters of this and their new album is a further example of how melodic rock should be played with a sumptuous vocalist, huge choruses with great riffs and killer solos and with a hard yet slick style of song writing. Radiocarbon is suffused with exquisite, radio friendly material and all is played to perfection. Andreas Novak has a great voice and is a wonderful front man for the band as was singer Andreas Eklund who left the band back in 2010 and in Mats Hallstensson and Anders Lundström they have two sublime guitarists who play so well together. The hard working Per Schelander on bass and drummer Martin Larsson keep everything driving forward with their incessant and pounding beat which gives increased power to the outfit. There are several guest appearances not least being Robin Novak who provides the vocals on A Tyrant’s Tale and The Poodles/HammerFall guitarist Pontus Norgren.

All seems well in the House Of Shakira world with a new album and a revitalised band writing and playing killer melodic rock.