September 19, 2020

HyperioN is, quite simply, a wonderful traditional heavy metal band from Bologna in Italy that delights in delivering frenetic old school metal. The band was formed towards the end of 2015 by guitarist and main song writer Davide Cotti (ex-Prophecy/Prophexy) and he quickly brought in a team of great musicians in guitarist Luke Fortini (Imago Imperii), bassist Antonio Scalia, drummer Marco Begelli and vocalist Michelangelo Carano. The band definitely falls in the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal category and just one listen will confirm that the influences of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden have been huge on them.

The debut, Dangerous Days, was released in 2015 and showed a band on a mission, full of high grade metal mayhem and huge talent. With energy levels pushed to the max and a classic mix of twin guitars in perfect harmony and a classic, high register singer the debut showed that they were a band destined to go places. Step forward a couple of years and we come to that often described ‘difficult second album but HyperioN have again delivered the goods with class, majesty and aplomb. Into The Maelstrom not only builds on what went before by a factor of ten but also delivers a virtually perfect 44-minutes of genuinely thrilling heavy metal that Judas Priest themselves would be proud of.

The songs are short and sharp, being around the 4 to 5-minute mark, but all are perfectly formed and deliver instant gratification with unbelievably brilliant guitar breaks and huge riffs that simply must break all strategic arms limitation treaties. The way that Fortini and Cotti work together is mightily impressive and they deserve to be considered and revered amongst the best of twin attacks. Michelangelo Carano is the perfect foil to the heavyweight riffs with his powerful and Laser precise voice with just a hint of a delicious Italian accent that adds a little extra spice to the proceedings. Scalia and Begelli are a real powerhouse team with some really neat bass runs and drums that seem to split your head wide open and push everything onwards with an unstoppable momentum. This really is an album for which the 10 setting was put on your amplifier! As mentioned, the songs are in the 4-minute range but each album also contains something of a mini epic and on Dangerous Days is was the hard hitting 8-minute plus HyperioN that took your breath away. They have followed this up on Into The Maelstrom with the 9-minute monster that is The Ride Of Heroes, a stunning metal tour-de-force on which they go over the top in glorious form. If you like your rock delivered as a huge swathe of heavy metal forged in the ’80s and inspired by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept and Primal Fear then this will be an answer to your prayers.

Into The Maelstrom is a record that simply must be in any self-respecting metalhead’s collection, outstanding and some of the best guitar you will have heard in a long while.

Into The Maelstrom track list

  1. Into The Maelstrom (3:45)
  2. Ninja Will Strike (4:11)
  3. Driller Killer (4:05)
  4. The Maze Of Polybius (5:19)
  5. From The Abyss (3:24)
  6. Bad Karma (4:33)
  7. Fall After Fall (4:40)
  8.  The Ride Of Heroes (9:06)
  9. The Bridge Of Death (3:57)