November 22, 2021

We had to wait for almost 9 years for a follow up to the excellent End Of Disclosure, but, better late than never, right? Worship, Hypocrisy’s 13th full length release, comes out next Friday, via Nuclear Blast, and I have to say – it was worth the wait.

In the last 20 years, it has always been a challenge to play a new Hypocrisy album, because every once in a while, the band has been searching for new sounds and approach to their extreme metal template. The opening title track of the new album, however, dismisses all doubts as to where they will be going this time – this is a total old school death metal carnage, with the usual stellar production by master Peter Tägtgren. Chemical Whore, which was cleverly chosen as the first single, hits with a monster of a hook, and again the wall of sound the Swedes are so keen of. Elsewhere in the album, the high quality of the material is preserved, making Worship the best Hypocrisy album in the new millennium. Even if tracks like Dead World introduce some odd-time riff signatures and a “modern”-feel chorus, the whole experience throughout the rest of the songs of a collection displays the best features of nineties’ Hypocrisy and a reminiscence of classics like The Fourth Dimension and Abducted. We’re The Walking Dead and Children Of The Gray are again fantastic hymns and evidence of Tägtgren’s genius and ability to write memorable melodies, while the opening riffs of Brotherhood Of The Serpent sound like a forgotten Morbid Angel track from the Domination sessions. Horgh’s double bass is just Sandoval-stamped all over and this is not a bad thing, because it’s done with taste.

The conclusion that rises to the surface after several spins, is that the class and professionalism of these three guys are of another level. It was always clear that Peter is the mastermind, but working with a solid line-up of stellar musicians like Mikael Hedlund and Horgh for the last 17 years just adds to the quality and authenticity of the material. The lyrics, once again digging deeply in the alien conspiracy well of inspiration, as well as the similarly-themed artwork, also fit these songs and sound/look as convincing as ever. None of the songs in this collection sounds tired or superfluous and Hypocrisy are celebrating their 30th anniversary as a band in the best possible way. Hypocrisy is not just relevant in 2021 but they are a crucial part of the extreme metal scene and nobody can take that away from them. Worship well deserved.


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