December 23, 2020

The rather curiously titled Iboga Gazebo is a new band put together by a team of diverse yet eclectic musicians in Los Angeles as recently as September 2019 so is a truly new and fresh outfit. The musicians are well known old stagers when it comes to performing and they appear to have immediately clicked for this ethereal and genre crossing rock album.

The list of musicians involved is rather impressive with Jeffrey Cain and Richard Ploog from The Church, PIL and the golden voiced Kim Yang. The first thing that you notice is that an atmosphere of ethereal other-worldliness pervades the recordings and it is as though it is enveloped in a warm, embracing and evocative early morning mist. There is a definite retro feel to the music which calls to mind some of the more ambient musings from ‘The Summer Of Love’ and this could quite easily be some lost, magical work from 1967.

It seems that the band set out to create a new form of rock which is a most difficult target to set and in the process Iboga Gazebo has reverted to a rose tinted era of love, peace and no little mysticism. However, it is definitely not a work out of time or place, more a classic work of art that is a timeless wonder. The music is sublime and played absolutely beautifully with not a note out of place or wasted as the band really has searched for musical perfection and the production work brings out every nuance and inflection of this rich and complex tapestry of music. The vocal work of Kim Yang is amazing and she has such a rich and mellifluous voice and her gentle and soothing delivery suits the music absolutely perfectly. If you want guitar solos and aggressive rock then look elsewhere but if you enjoy seeing musicians working totally in harmony to produce something left of centre then you will be amazed and enthralled at this perfect laid back and very easy listening album that even incorporates some elements of smooth jazz. The nearest band/music that I could offer as a reference point would be the ’70s version of Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks being allowed to run wild with exotic, ethereal songs, lot’s of lacy scarf waving and lashings of dry ice or maybe even the work of Jefferson Airplane and Grace Slick but, even then, these references are still way off the mark.

In truth, every listener will find something different in this album and that shows the level of care, attention and love that has been poured into these wonderful songs. This is a dreamy and extremely laid back album with a gentle rock delivery and lots of delicious songs best played and enjoyed after a stressful day and is absolutely ideal to relax to. Probably it will be filed under easy listening but could just as easily be in the new age or even relaxation music section of your local record store as it truly is a music that is out of time and will mean something different to each and every listener.

Dose Age is a perfectly crafted album that will surely be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone who hears it.

Dose Age track list

  1. Visualise (3:53)
  2. Aster Elixir (4:30)
  3. Dose Age (4:03)
  4. Equinox (4:15)
  5. Form And Flow (4:44)
  6. Insignia (5:37)
  7. Oracle (2:06)
  8. Succulent (4:12)
  9. The System (3:35)
  10. Twenty Third Eye (5:09)