December 8, 2023

Fight In Me is the debut album from Ignescent, a female-fronted rock band from Chicago which appears to be the vehicle of Jennifer Benson, their feisty, aggressive and intoxicating lead vocalist.

The band has previously released a couple of EPs and even seem to have broken into the Billboard Rock Chart which is hardly surprising given their all-action alt-rock meets metal approach with a sound and style somewhat similar to acts like Paramore and Evanescence but the music is given a harder edge with the addition of a little metalcore to give the band its own true sound.

Max Carrillo lays down a barrage of sprawling, churning riffs with punchy, brain drilling bass from Joel Seidlitz and powerful drums from Dusty Winterrowd although he doesn’t appear to be credited on the CD and together they all make for an intense metal experience. The real selling point is the sharp and attractive vocals of Benson who has one of those well pitched and piercing voices that make her ideal to duet with and this is seen perfectly on the final track of the album, Not Today, which sees her combining with Kevin Young of the band Disciple and this track really stands out in the same way that Amy Lee and Paul McCoy did on the Evanescence hit Bring Me To Life from Fallen.

Fight In Me is a strong debut from a powerful singer and her impressive band and I’m sure we are going to hear much more from them all.

Fight In Me

  1. Monster You Made (3:16)
  2. Unholy (3:15), Fight In Me (3:22)
  3. You’re Not Alone (4:14)
  4. Under Attack (3:28)
  5. Triple Threat (3:15)
  6. Shadows (3:19)
  7. Carries Me (3:45)
  8. The Hurt (3:40)
  9. Woman On Fire (3:01)
  10. Not Today (featuring Kevin Young) (3:44)