October 3, 2021

The American band that is Images Of Eden was formed in Pennsylvania by the singer and multi instrumentalist Gordon Tittsworth with the debut self-titled album coming out in 2001 and is an excellent and well rounded progressive metal delight. Tittsworth sang and played all instruments on the album which was a concept work about the decisions and crossroads that we all face at key periods of our life. This has been the theme through all of the following releases too with Tittsworth bringing in a series of musicians for the albums and he now seems to have settled on a fairly level team as Soulrise, released in 2018, and Angel Born features, effectively, the same musicians.

I hesitate to use the term but Images Of Eden could also be considered as Christian Rock given the beliefs of Tittsworth and how he covers them in his lyrics but, in truth, this is not so noticeable and I know there are some out there who are put off by the genre but do not fear as this is an excellent progressive metal album in its own right that takes you on a musical journey and is a truly thrilling ride. Tittsworth is putting together a mighty fine team as he sings and plays the rhythm guitar with L Dean Harris on keyboards, Steve Dorssom on drums, Eric Mulvaine on bass and Victor Morell on guitar and they have blended into a tight unit that works so well together. There are plenty of thrilling guitars and keyboards with Tittsworth proving to be a most adept frontman with a great voice perfectly suited for hard hitting progressive metal. The music has a distinct early Queensrÿche sound to it and if you are into early Dream Theater and Fates Warning too then you are going to love this new album.

Angel Born is another of those great metal albums that has its roots in the 1980s but all has been given the benefit of modern day treatment and polish to make this a bright and fresh metal album that is wonderfully retro too. Great vocals and amazing instrumentation makes this an album to savour and a check on the back catalogue is highly recommended too.

Angel Born track list

  1. Autumn Is Burning (4:58)
  2. Angel Born (5:08)
  3. My Promise (3:37)
  4. Where Dreams Begin (4:32)
  5. If? (6:52)
  6. Killing God (4:06)
  7. Fight The Good Fight (6:05)
  8. War Room (4:38)
  9. Serenity Reign (6:04)
  10. Animation In A Still World (4:38)
  11. Marigold Sun (5:53)
  12. In Memory Of Me (11:10)