November 19, 2022

Indignu are a Portuguese post-rock quartet, who had a very well received album called Umbra released four years ago…..four years that have seen apocalypse-scale change and turmoil descend throughout the world with an impact surging down to the personal level. It is that theme of upheaval which inspires Adeus, the band’s new album. “Adeus” is the Portuguese term for farewell, a sweeping word of parting that traverses the passing of loved ones and the erosion of friendships as well it does the warm promise of future meetings and bold steps into exciting new territories, and it is this broader idea that Indignu hopes to capture throughout the album.


Listeners will find these veteran artists intuitively navigating the delicate balance of solemnity and exhilaration, making adeus an album with the capability of nursing pain and fostering hope within the span of a single sitting. The post-rock veterans have persistently explored the connections between life and the world, whatever the contemplations and themes of their releases, but maybe no more poignantly than with the numbers of “adeus” sadly bidden over the past two years. The result has led to Indignu receiving widespread acclaim as one of post rock’s most daring and unique propositions.

Adeus sees the Indignu at their most intrepid and compelling within a really evocative and haunting release. Just five tracks on the album, each creating individual soundscapes that share a common theme of exploring the darkest moments we can find before us. It is an album “inspired by loss and distance but rooted in the desire to walk through open doors and embrace whatever life holds in store for us”, those words echoed in every second and breath of a release which is both cinematic in its soundscape and intimate at a personal level.

The album’s lead track, ‘urge decifrar no céuis’, strikingly epitomises the journey within the release; moving from the deepest pain and shadows through dramatic realisation and towards the light of hope and inspiriting possibilities while subsequently celebrating the wonder of those left behind. It as the album also marks the rich craft and imagination of this band, and highlights a sensitive touch and bold maturity which has blossomed in their song-writing and sound. Adeus is a pinnacle-reaching moment for Indignu and, as numerous voices are already sharing, for post rock!

Overall, the arrangements feature crisp percussion, sparse guitar and bass, synths, keys and (?) cello in a clean, spacious soundscape, alternating between semi-acoustic and dense rock in a way that works perfectly without seeming mawkish. It reminds me strongly of Dawnwalker, conjuring a musical experience evocative of memory and experience, a cathartic exploration of reflection, and a release of hope and new excitement for life. In short, these are five hauntingly lovely pieces of music, it’s an atmospheric post-rock cracker!

Recorded at Arda Recorders, in Porto, and mastered by Birgir Jón Birgisson (the Icelandic magician behind some of Bjork’s, Sigur Rós, Alcest, and Spiritualized pieces), Adeus ​is now available via A Thousand Arms and dunk!records. 

hauntingly beautiful.