April 24, 2021

Infinite & Divine is a new rock duo from Sweden comprising the musician and song writer Jan Åkesson who plays guitars, bass, keyboards, programming and also supplies backing vocals alongside the lady with the big, big voice simply known as Tezzi (aka Terese Persson). Apparently, they got together in 2019 and decided to combine the crunching and devastating hard rock power of Åkesson and the deep and sonorous voice of Tezzi, a sort of a combination of Alison Moyet, Adele and Anette Olzon and it works an absolute treat. 

Jan Åkesson is an incredibly talented musician and you may have come across his work with the Swedish hard rock band StoneLake and, if not, then you should search out this fine outfit too. He is a great song writer and commands heavy metal to his very whim as he has written a collection of classic metal tracks for this debut and each has that special golden touch from a masterful song writer and incredible musician. It will be his guitar work that really catches the eye as this is truly incendiary but his keyboard skills are excellent too and give the musical a real symphonic edge. However, as good as he is he is always going to take second place behind the remarkable and powerful voice of Tezzi, a singer who could amaze a stadium without the use of amplification, such is the power and might at her disposal! She may not like the comparison but she easily rivals Celine Dion in terms of power and sustain and that really is something indeed.

Infinite & Divine is a duo but have been joined by a third and integral musician on the album with Jens Westberg on drums and it’s nice to see that they have gone for a real drummer rather than settle for the more mechanical sounding drum machine. Indeed, what a great drummer Westberg is and he is well known to Åkesson too being a long term band mate in StoneLake and Shadow Rain and he gives the group a real metal feel with his all action style. The music is timeless and could easily be Heart mid-80’s with exquisite power ballads or modern-day symphonic metal to rival Nightwish, Within Temptation and Delain.

The album contains amazing hooks and vocal harmonies all backed up by amazing guitar and when Tezzi turns up the power the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, goodness, this girl can sing.

Silver Lining track list

  1. I Feel Alive
  2. Infinite & Divine
  3. Keep On Moving
  4. Not Too Late
  5. Wasteland
  6. Burn No More
  7. We Are One
  8. Off The End Of The World
  9. You And I
  10. While You’re Looking For Love
  11. Perplexed Perfection