April 7, 2022

Infinity Dream (see the Iron Maiden reference there?) are a new band, formed by frontman and guitar player of US metallers Widow Chris Bennett. Another Widow member, John Wooten helps on bass guitar and the line-up is rounded up by Dina Altum (backing vocals and keyboards) and Marc Anthony on drums. Widow have not released a new album since 2016’s excellent Carved In Stone, and I don’t know what the reason for that is, but Infinity Dream’s debut full length Memories has more than a few reference points to attract and delight all Widow fans. The album is released tomorrow by Metal Assault Records and you can already check out a promo video to one of the songs at the end of this text.

Exactly 3:08 minutes into the first song The Future Past and we are all reminded why Mr. Bennett can do no wrong with this new band – a signature harmony dual guitar solo which is a pure joy to listen to. Marching On and Coming Home are speeding-up the prevalent tempo of the album, being more energetic, with slightly more aggressive riffs, but the core of Memories is melodic, mid-tempo, classic heavy metal, with melancholic lyrics and vocals. Speaking of the vocals, a lot of praise must be addressed towards Dina Altum, who manages to add even more depth and color with her excellent singing, complementing Chris very well.

The Stain and Another Day, both being the mellowest songs and placed one after another, lose a bit of the album’s steam at the end, but The Eye closes proceeding in a great way, showing all of the band’s strengths once again. I have only one complaint, and ironically, it is directed towards Chris, whose signature style of composing and chord progressions is so dominant, that most of the songs have a very similar structure and flow pattern. This actually makes repeated listens more predictable, but nonetheless, the quality of these songs is undeniable. Memories is a nice surprise this year and an album that raises head above the sea of new releases over flooding this particular style of metal every week.


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