October 10, 2019

This is my other review from earlier in the year that got “lost” in the sad demise of the Classic Rock Society. But seeing as Inglorious are just about to start out on a new Autumn tour, billed as “the places they didn’t get to visit last time”, I thought it helpful to give a taster of what fans will be able to see and hear!

I have to say I was nervous at the start of this gig, at that time we’d only just heard of the parting of the ways for three of the previous and best-known Inglorious line-up. But any worries about the new band being unfamiliar with each other and the songs were quickly dispelled – if you hadn’t known of the bust-up you would have thought this was a long-standing group of musicians, so all power to them for that alone.

The band hit the stage running, blasting through Where Are You Now (the opener from the latest album Ride to Nowhere) and last year’s Taking the Blame before extending greetings. “It’s been quite a year, quite a year” said Nathan James, somewhat ruefully, without saying anything more about the recent upheavals. He has a fantastic, huge, voice in the David Coverdale mould and is a natural showman, it turns out he appeared on The Voice – you can imagine he played a blinder on it.

They had clearly put in the hours rehearsing, and alongside Nathan and original drummer Phil Beaver, the four newbies all slotted in seamlessly: Dan Stevens (second guitar), Brazilian Vinnie Cola on bass, local Dave Scott on keyboards and last but most certainly not least, another local lad Danny DeLa Cruz on lead guitar. Danny wore a beefy black coat that must have made him lose pounds during the show, but it didn’t stop him paying some absolutely mesmerisingly fluid lead guitar, on a gorgeous Les Paul Sunburst Finish that had a tone to die for. He could well be the best guitarist I’ve seen play live in the last few years bar none – and he had only just turned 19!! Let’s just hope he keeps his head on his shoulders.

Some of their work is a little derivative a la Whitesnake, but 80% oozes class, mood and timeless heavy rock, with Nathan singing his heart out, very openly on a couple of occasions when dedicating songs to family members who have passed away, and name-checking long-time best friend singer Helena who co-wrote I Don’t Know You and then joined them on stage to share the vocals – a nice touch

The main set was (and still is) a nice mix of their three albums, highlights being High Flying Gypsy a great song from the first album; Making Me Pay from last year (pure Coverdale), and the massive title track from the third album. For the Rock City gig, they also threw in a cover version – not the most obvious, it being Alanis Morrisette’s Uninvited – albeit a heavily reworked version with an emphasis on heavy, and winding up into a stupendous guitar break.

Following the main set, the encore began with old favourite Holy Water, a real monster of a song that develops and builds around a signature guitar melody, allowing Nathan to sneak round the back then belt out the vocals from the middle of the crowd – not bad for a big guy! The band then finished with Until I Die, but looked to be in better health than ever – everyone seeing them this Autumn is in for a treat!