April 5, 2021

The Intelligent Music Project is a Bulgarian rock band or, the more precise, a project that was created by Milen Vrabevski, a Bulgarian businessman and patron of the arts. It appears that he writes and directs all of the songs performed by the project and he adds to unit through the use of many well known guests from the general rock world. The project dates back to 2012 with The Creation now being album number six in an ever expanding list of quality melodic rock albums.

The guest list for the latest work is an interesting one with contributions from Ronnie Romero (vocals), Bobby Rondinelli (drums), long time contributor John Payne (vocals), Todd Sucherman (drums), Carl Sentance (backing vocals) and Richard Grisman (vocals) so you know that the album is going to be an interesting melodic rock experience. The project has a core of musicians at its heart with the cast selected for this work being Bisser Ivanoc on guitar, Ivaylo Zvezdomirov on bass, Vasil Yutev on drums and Ivo Stefano on keyboards. However, it has to be said, that the main overriding influence is that of Vrabevski, a man with a ‘svengali’ approach to the band, with his lyrics, meaning and direction being the real drivers behind the work. Apparently, the concept for this part of the Intelligent Music cycle is the art of creativity and its approaches leading to a successful and meaningful life. I suppose you are always going to get songs of this nature when the band has been created by a successful business man!

Musically, the album incorporates several styles of rock as maybe should expected given the number of guests but mainly stays on the melodic rock path although it does stray into symphonic and progressive rock territory with passages that remind of Styx, Jadis and IQ but the overall sound is more akin to Toto but there is so much going on that each listener will find something different at the heart of the projects sound. The individual performances are terrific and the songs perfectly formed and each allowing for virtuosity but all within a well controlled framework.

The Creation is a rather fine melodic album with elements of progressiveness to the music, some superb instrumentation and a most pleasing mixture of vocal styles. This very much makes it sound like a project, which is what it is, but in doing so I feel that the real soul of an actual band is missing. A very good and worthwhile musical work but I would like to hear more of the core band and less guests as, in my humble opinion, this slightly diminishes the work as it does not allow the band to progress and develop as they normally would in the usual organic fashion.

The Creation track list

  1. A Sense of Progress (3:23)
  2. The Story (6:17)
  3. A Shelter (3:36)
  4. Listen (2:54)
  5. Your Thoughts (3:51)
  6. Sometimes (4:04)
  7. Back to the Truth (3:25)
  8. Let it Go (4:12)
  9. A Sight (4:30)
  10. That Something (4:19)
  11. I Know (2:58)
  12. Serve (5:29)