April 24, 2022

Into The Unknown is a British symphonic rock band with a couple of albums to their name and what appears to be a real love of covering and re-interpreting other bands music. It seems that there have been several upheavals in the band recently not least of which is the fact that the original singer Lucie Hölzlová has left the band and returned home to the Czech Republic. They have also recently replaced the drummer and keyboard player too but seem to have struck lucky with the recruitment of new singer Natalie Shedden, a girl with a powerful voice that reminds of the imperious Tracy Hitchings.

This digital EP is the first recording with the new members with the single being Into The Unknown which many younger members of society will know from the Disney film Frozen 2 but it’s not something I had heard before. The band has given it the big production and all the works and it now comes across as a very fine symphonic rock track.

The other two tracks are acoustic versions of songs from the album Out Of The Shadows and features a neat version of the Chris De Burgh track Don’t Pay The Ferryman, a brave attempt but I’ll always take the original.

The new album is slated for later in the year which will allow a better test of the new band but at least this short EP shows that there is life after the original singer!

Into The Unknown

  1. Into The Unknown (3D Mix) (3:42)
  2. Breaking My Heart (live acoustic) (2:35)
  3. Don’t Pay The Ferryman (live acoustic) (5:32)