September 27, 2023

Born out of restless fingers and limbs, a fervent fascination with myth, cryptids, and folklore. This is the fuzz-laden story of the Death Wvrm…an instrumental psych-rock trio from the UK in a similar vein to Kimono Drag Queens but minus the vocals.

The other obvious big tag is to the criminally under-recognised (in the UK at least) Aussie psych trio Narla, the two bands both delivering really taut and melodic musicianship that is mesmerising, hypnotic, sumptuous, and beautifully delivered.

Other influences include Goat, Here Lies Man and Elder.

Death Wvrm are a young band, still in their infancy, but check out the two singles / videos available via bandcamp and YouTube – I have, and I was mightily impressed and foresee great things for the trio. The narrative posted on bandcamp for each single is also beautifully poetic in its own right – I’m intrigued as to whether the band are the authors or not?

I’m eager to see what their next move will be!…..