July 24, 2023

IO Earth have announced the return of their ‘Extravaganza’ event this year, held as always at the beautifully appointed Crescent Theatre venue in Birmingham.

There is always something special for fans at this celebratory event, and this time is no exception, with the main performance seeing the band expanded to a 12-piece, as what is dubbed by them ‘The Orchestra Of Sound And Emotion’, for what is certain to be a magnificent way to experience some classic IO Earth material in a unique way. The evening is further enhanced by the fact that guitarist Dave Cureton will provide the ‘support set’, with his own band, performing his superb solo album State Of Mind (see the Velvet Thunder review of the album).

The band recently announced a change whereby former singer Linda Odinsen (who provided the vocals on the epic New World double album) has returned to front the band. However, since Linda is expecting a child around the time of the show, another one-off opportunity will see the enormously talented Hayley Griffiths stepping in to the vocal duties for this performance only. It’s an event that no IO Earth fan will want to miss, for sure.

The band have said about the weekend:

‘The IO Earth Weekend is back, and we can not wait to be back on stage for you all.

The IO Earth and The Orchestra of Sound & Emotion experience is like no other. IO Earth become a 12 piece strong band, and they will be playing songs from the whole IO Earth catalogue at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham UK, for one night only. This show is high energy, visual, emotional & impactful, you will be blown away.

This event is truly an international IO Earth family experience, fans travel from across the world to attend this weekend. So even if you travel alone, by the end of this weekend you will have made many many new friends’.

The band have promised to be performing ‘songs old & new from the entire IO Earth catalogue’, making this definitely one to see.