November 6, 2022

Norwegian melodic rock queen Issa is back with her seventh studio album, Lights Of Japan. Out on 20th January 2023, its title song is now available as a single and video, along with a second single entitled Chains.

A ‘rebirth’ of sorts, fans will hear a revitalised and inspired artist who has evolved her sound but also remained true to her roots, while sonically this latest offering lands somewhere between her revered 2010 debut Signs Of Angels and 2018’s well received Run With The Pack. A gorgeous slab of melodic rock majesty, it features her huge sounding vocals sitting atop soaring, beautiful melodies and hooks galore.

Lights Of Japan sees Issa working with producer Michele Guaitoli (Visions Of Atlantis, Kalidia, SheWolf), who is also known as the vocalist in Visions Of Atlantis, Temperance and ERA. Guaitoli plays guitar and bass on the album as well as contributing to the writing of two songs. Issa‘s husband James Martin and his brother Tom, who are both former members of UK melodic rockers VEGA, have written the bulk of the record.

Lights Of Japan is yet another gem in Issa‘s crown.

Lights Of Japan

  1. Live Again
  2. Lights Of Japan
  3. Seize The Day
  4. Stop The Rain
  5. Moon Of Love
  6. Chains
  7. Fight To Survive
  8. It’s Over
  9. I Give You My Heart
  10. Shadow To The Light
  11. I’ll Be Waiting

Issa Oversveen – vocals
Michele Guaitoli – guitars, bass
Marco Pastorino – rhythm guitar
James Martin – keyboards
Marco Andreetto – drums
Giovanni Barbetta – saxophone on 5
Robby Luckets – guitar solos on 1, 2, 3, 7, 8
Michele Guaitoli – guitar solos on 4, 6, 10, 11
John Mitchell – guitar solo on 9

Executive Producer/A&R: Serafino Perugino

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