June 21, 2022

Ride is album number six by the renowned and most endearing Jack Broadbent, a master bluesman with a style and delivery so redolent of the American South that you would swear he was a Delta bluesman. His music is beguiling and influenced by so many musicians and genres so you get a real flavour of the swamps with a little bluegrass, a touch of rock, a liberal smattering of the blues and a spicy hint of delicious boogie to keep you enthralled and intrigued. The album screams America yet Broadbent is from our very own shores having grown up in Lincolnshire but the last couple of years have seen him operating out of Canada.

Broadbent has a wonderful, emotion filled voice and a superb slide guitar delivery that truly does send a shiver down your spine. His music is laid back and gently delivered which allows you to drink in every nuance in his voice and every little strum of his guitar and when he kicks in with the slide guitar then he transports you way in delight. Try to imagine Little Feat, John Lee Hooker and Andy Fairweather jamming together and I’m sure their combined output would sound something like this. The music is stripped down with Jack playing guitar, keyboards and harmonica with his father Mick on bass and Mark Gibson on drums. Much of Jack’s love of music and inspiration has come from his musician father and those of a certain age may remember him as part of the ’70s band Bram Tchaikovsky formed by Peter Bramall of The Motors. The beauty of the music is that Jack and his band keep it simple and uncomplicated which actually strengthens the effect of the delivery as the raw emotion shines through and every individual note hits its mark.

Ride is relatively short at just 35-mimutes but this is all about quality and each of the eight songs are perfectly crafted and royally served up for our entertainment. It is another of those albums that really does get better with each play as the music is hypnotic and Jack Broadbent’s voice mesmerising and the guitar work truly thrilling.

If you are looking for something a little more roots based then give the album a listen and you will be thoroughly entertained for sure.


  1. Ride (4:11)
  2. I Love Your Rock ‘n’ Roll (4:13)
  3. New Orleans (3:40)
  4. Hard Livin’ (5:36)
  5. Midnight Radio (2:57)
  6. Baby Blue (5:15)
  7. Grace (3:07)
  8. Who Are You? (5:21)