March 15, 2020

Jerkstore is a three-piece blues infused heavy rock band from Aalborg in Denmark with several quality albums already in the bag and a few personnel changes too but it appears that Keld Rudd (vocals and guitar) and Stefan Korsgaard (drums) have been ever present with bassist Lars Jørgensen completing team. The come across as a slowed down version of Motörhead with doom laden riffs similar to early Sabbath and are somewhat similar to bands like the UK’s Doomsday Outlaw and fellow Danes I’ll Be Damned. They specialise in 4-minute hard hitting but melodic blues metal tracks with Rudd having a great, soul infused rock voice with just the right amount of grittiness required for the blues and they offer up some excellent vocal harmonies too. Neat guitar and pounding drums and bass make their latest album another excellent addition to their catalogue and will continue to ensure that they win new friends.