September 14, 2020

Jessica Wolff appears to be a rather busy young Finnish lady as she is a musician and actor (who does her own stunt work) and a Kung-Fu enthusiast as well, obviously not a woman to mess with. Para Dice is her third album following on from Renegade in 2014 and Grounded in 2017. Not an artist I know but she is a most capable singer and this album of very radio friendly soft rock/pop songs shows she has plenty of talent with instantly catchy songs that really are more in the pop zone rather than rock but still very enjoyable for all that. Think Natalie Imbruglia or a harder hitting Katy Perry but certainly not Pat Benatar or Alanis Morissette and I do not mean that disrespectfully.

This is a pleasant album of well written and equally well delivered songs that flirt with rock territory without ever becoming anything heavier than soft rock but is enjoyable enough to warrant a listen or two.

Para Dice track list

  • Ella’s Song (3:13)
  •  Perfect Kind Of Wrong (3:45)
  •  All The Right Things (3:19)
  • The Sunny Side Of The Bay (3:27)
  • Kill Switch (3:44)
  • Fight Forever (3:32)
  • Superhero (4:08)
  • Demons (3:23)
  • Take Me Away (3:43)
  •  Strangers (3:07)