November 23, 2021

It seems that Jim Peterik is just incapable of knocking out a quick and simple rock and roll album as he always seems to slide into epic mode so that whatever he touches turns into hugely ambitious and stellar musical projects and the latest huge score that we now have to add to the list of monster albums is Tigress: Women Who Rock The World.

I guess the real beauty of Peterik and his work is his delight in producing albums that are off the scale in terms of production and performance and you always know that you are in for something quite spectacular when you see his name attached to anything of a musical nature. Of course, we all know Jim Peterik but for those in the dark then he was the a co-founder of the super slick American AOR band Survivor and, believe me, they were so much better than the one hit wonders that so many erroneously believe them to be. Yes, they will forever be linked with Stallone and Rocky for Eye Of The Tiger which is admittedly an incredible catchy melodic rock delight but they have also released many songs of equal worth so if they have passed you by then check out the old records and you will be suitably impressed by what you hear. Peterik is also an accomplished songwriter, producer, singer, guitarist and keyboard player to as well as a collaborator on many projects and you also must check out the incredible Pride Of Lions with vocalist Toby Hitchcock because melodic rock rarely gets better than this.

Onto the new album which sees Peterik fulfilling an ambition of working with some of the really powerful female vocalists that have recently caught his attention and he has put together an impressive list of women who truly rock and all have the power and range to impress especially as so many sing with a slightly deeper register so they can get down and dirty whilst pouring heart and soul into their deliveries. He has included a host of talent including but not exclusively restricted to Janet Gardner (ex-Vixen), Cathy Richardson (Jefferson Starship), Jenniffer Batten, Mindi Abair, Kate French, Kimi Hayes, Chez Kane, Rosa Laricchiuta (Black Rose Maze, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) plus a number of new comers like Lindsay Kent, Leslie Hunt, Chloe Lowery and Marine Lacoste and so many others and each brings out a new facet in his gloriously epic and anthemic stadium rockers that he delivers so well. Think Heart around Bad Animals and you will get a flavour of what is happening here but you must give the album a listen as it is a non-stop audio barrage for 73-minutes and leaves you thoroughly exhausted as the performer hit you with incredibly intense power ballad after power ballad. The power of some of these singers is off the scale and you will be amazed at just what is on offer here.

As usual Peterik has brought in a wealth of talent to bring the project to life and you cannot help but be impressed by this most intense of rock albums.

Tigress: Women Who Rocked The World

  1. Tigress – Kate French – Jennifer Batten – Abigail Stahlschmidt (violin) (4:25).
  2. Prom Night In Pontiac – Chloe Lowery – Anika Nilles (drums) – Ashley Reeve (bass) (3:30).
  3. A Cappella – Chez Kane (4:52).
  4. Living For The Moment – Cathy Richardson – Jennifer Batten – Linda Mcdonald (drums) (4:14).
  5. Against The Grain – Rosa Laricchiuta (4:45).
  6. Strong Against The Wind – Kate French (5:37).
  7. Full Moon Crazy – Cathy Richardson – Jennifer Batten (3:18).
  8. Lazarus Heart – Janet Gardner (4:09).
  9. Taller- Leslie Hunt (4:48).
  10. The Best In Us – Cathy Richardson – Kimi Hayes (4:38).
  11. Dear Life – Lindsay Kent – Sina (Drums) (4:50).
  12. Walk Like Royalty – Kimi Hayes – Nile Brosh (guitar) (4:40).
  13. Music In The Aire – Chloe Lowery (4:21).
  14. Sin To Believe A Lie – Cathy Richardson – Madden Klas (drums) (5:48).
  15. Stronger At The Broken Places – Marine Lacoste – Jennifer Batten – Linda Mcdonald (drums) (3:24).
  16. Brave Is Beautiful – Leslie Hunt – Mindi Abair (sax and harmony vocal) (4:50).

Additional Performers
Ed Breckenfeld – drums: Tigress, Music In The Aire, Brave Is Beautiful, Against The Grain, Full Moon Crazy, Taller, Lazarus Heart, A Cappella
Mike Aquino – additional guitar: Prom Night In Pontiac, Dear Life, Taller, Lazarus Heart, A Cappella, Against The Grain
Joel Hoekstra – additional guitar: Strong Against The Wind, Music In The Aire, Sin To Believe A Lie
Colin Peterik – drums: The Best In Us
Scott May – B3: Stronger At The Broken Places
Tom Yankton – additional guitar: Full Moon Crazy
Christian Cullen – orchestration and sound design: Tigress
Jim Peterik – guitars, backing vocals, additional instruments: Against The Grain (bass), Full Moon Crazy (additional guitar), Dear Life (bass synth and bass guitar), The Best In Us (bass), Lazarus Heart (mellotron)