August 15, 2023

Kent Hilli is a Swedish singer seemingly on the fast track to rock god status with his sublime voice which I have previously likened to Steve Perry meets Michael Bolton and this release – his second solo album – very much continues his love affair with smooth melodic rock with more than a hint of the power and majesty of the imperious Journey.

Hilli has been on a rather strange musical path as he was something of a professional footballer in a previous life before a career ending injury forced him down another route which has subsequently led him to fronting the melodic rock band Perfect Plan. They have proved themselves to be a sophisticated and polished rock band with Hilli showing that he was a singer of repute with the ability to perform at any level and this quickly led to his involvement in the Restless Spirits project formed by Tony Hernando of Lords Of Black fame as well as providing lead vocals for last year’s new Giant album, Shifting Time.

Hilli released his debut solo album, The Rumble, in 2021 which he wrote in collaboration with the exceptional multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace with Palace also supplying all the instrumentation and this was a glossy, class filled melodic rock delight which again proved that this was a singer to keep a close watch on. Hilli has an incredible range and switches from smooth balladeer to hard rock icon with aplomb and he has surrounded himself with a quality team designed to showcase his vocal prowess which he does perfectly and if you ever wanted to record a vocal CV to show you your skillset then this would be it.

As with The Rumble this new album features a variety of timeless melodic rock styles which are mainly derived from those golden 80’s bands with nods to Whitesnake, Journey and Foreigner but all with a fresh and modern vibe. In truth, you cannot fail to be impressed by Hilli’s new work even if we have previously heard similar but that is the very nature of melodic rock as the template has already been set and artists these days can only follow what has gone before but Hilli does it so very well.

Nothing More To Lose

  1. Too Young (4:07)
  2. Nothing Left To Lose (feat Jimmy Westerlund & Kai Hahto) (5:59)
  3. Could This Be Love (4:26)
  4. A Fool To Believe (4:34)
  5. Every Time We Say Goodbye (3:58)
  6. Stronger (5:26)
  7. Does He Love Like Me (5:05)
  8. Start It All Over (4:06)
  9. Heard It All Before (3:28)
  10. Saving Us (4:00)
  11. Only Dreaming (5:13)

Additional musicians

Jimmy Westerlund – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals, additional eyboards, FX, percussion

Pete Alpenborg – rhythm guitars, keyboards

Ulrick Lönnqvist – bass, backing vocals + acoustic guitar on track 5

Felix Borg – drums

Kristian Fyhr – backing vocals

Mike Palace – guitars & backing vocals on tracks 9 & 10

Jimmy Hedlund – guitar solos on tracks 8 & 11

Alexander Jonsson – keyboards on tracks 6 & 11

Jussi Vuorijää – keyboards & organ on track 2

Oleg Lavrentev – saxophone on track 7

Kai Hahto – drums on track 2

Rick Altzi – additional backing vocals on track 2