September 3, 2023

Kerrigan (meaning “black” in Irish) is a new, trad-metal band, formed in Freiburg in 2019 by Bruno S. (guitars, bass) and Jonas W. (vocals, guitars), both of whom are also in the funeral doom band Lone Wanderer. After a demo, they inked a deal with High Roller records for the release of their first full-length Bloodmoon on September 22nd. For its recordings, Jonathan Döring has helped with the drum parts, so we almost have a full line-up (they only need someone to handle bass at live gigs, right?).

The style displayed throughout the eight songs is old school, mid-tempo heavy metal, with a strong emphasis on the riffs and punchy rhythm guitars. The vocals are moody, somewhat melancholic and create an epic, mystical and fantasy-inspired atmosphere. There are faster tracks like the opener Eternal Fire, Forces Of Night or Pull The Trigger, but I have the feeling the band’s identity and originality shows more in the mid-tempo, hypnotic compositions like Against The Westwind and the closing epic Mesmerizer. There is this “something” in Kerrigan’s music, which makes me think there’s bright future before the band. They sound inspired and have injected the musical foundation of classic, meat-and-potatoes heavy metal with some really catchy melodic leads and memorable, headbangable rhythms, which makes them easier to be distinguished in the crowd. Bloodmoon is easily among the better classic metal releases this year and I’m thankful to High Roller that they are giving these guys the chance to be exposed to a wider audience.

What is best about Kerrigan and their music is that each spin of the album reveals something more to enjoy, the songs are full of little nuances and hidden background melodies, painting more and more contrast to what Bloodmoon has to offer. I don’t even need to say this has to be played on vinyl.


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Bloodmoon is out on September 22nd and can be pre-ordered from HERE