January 9, 2022

Kill City is a new rock band from Ecuador in South America having only formed in 2019 with Last Man Standing being their debut album. I know that we are seeing a real emergence of talent from South America but I believe that this is most probably the first time I have ever come across a metal band from Ecuador but I’m guessing that there must be hundreds if not thousands simply awaiting discovery.

The band was formed by two brothers in Chemel Neme (vocals) and Luis Neme (drums) along with Andres Miranda (bass) with Xavier Diab and Juan Iturralde on guitar. It seems that the musicians have know each other for many years and all have been in various bands together so all were accomplished musicians before they thought up the concept of Kill City and this experience shines throughout this very enjoyable old school metal romp through the ages. It also looks like Last Man Standing was actually released in South America in December 2020 but it is only not being put out in Europe and if you enjoy this album then the good news is that they already have a further 15 songs ready to record for album number two.

The first thing that you pick up on is that this is a classic heavy metal record and although it hints at progressive and power metal the overriding influence appears to be NWOBHM and classic American metal but most certainly early Iron Maiden in particular. The songs all have great melody with some great hooks and Chemel Neme has a great voice and he delivers in excellent English although a couple of songs are delivered in his native tongue and the Spanish language certainly gives these tracks an exotic flavour. The guitar playing is exceptional with Xavier Diab and Juan Iturralde laying down some wicked riffs and killer lead breaks and, ultimately, it is the guitar work that helps to make Last Man Standing an exceptionally strong and memorable debut release.

The band is going to win many new friends with this release and it will be really interesting to see how album number two compares to this thoroughly enjoyable metal and hard hitting album.

Last Man Standing

  1. Wake Up (3:51)
  2. Countdown (3:26)
  3. Against Myself (3:59)
  4. When The Show Is Over (3:06)
  5. Grey (4:42)
  6. Believe Me (3:46)
  7. Empezar de Nuevo (4:35)
  8. Follow Your Heart (3:04)
  9. Last Man Standing (4:03)
  10. Sigue la Vox (bonus track) (3:02)