October 27, 2020

King Bull is a Canadian power-trio from Alberta and has been around for something like 13 years although it seems that they have not always had the same name or even line-up, they are obviously then the musical equivalent to Trigger’s broom (look this up on the internet if unsure of the reference).

It appears that it is one of those bands put together by friends in the same neighbourhood and comes across as a garage rock band with punk attitude and a short, sharp and visceral approach to song writing and delivery. Mention Canadian three-piece and you would normally think Rush, Triumph or Pat Travers but the musicians in King Bull has chosen a different direction and have aimed for the snappiness of The Buzzcocks, the energy and guitar driven rock of very early ’60s The Who and the directness of The Ramones. There is a retro rock feel about the band and the music and this is accentuated by using instruments that are much older than the musicians and this helps to give that certain authentic feel and vibe to the sound.

This is basic, primeval rock from a band with fire in collective bellies and has a real sound of the streets. Angry and insistent vocals plus lots of fuzzy, snarling guitar make this a raw and direct 19-minutes of well controlled rock ‘n’ roll mayhem.

What Happened Here? EP track list

  1. Pay Attention (2:52)
  2.  Secret Service (4:33)
  3. Dontcha Know? (4:29)
  4. The Depender (2:57)
  5. B-side Baby (3:19)