November 28, 2021

The Swiss hard rock band King Zebra began life in 2012 and put out a couple of self-released albums but it has taken quite a while for their first and official full length album to finally come out on Crusader Records which is sure to build on the clamour that the band’s self-titled EP created when released in 2019.

It appears that there have been a few changes in personnel since the band began including a new singer and the current version of king Zebra is built around Eric St. Michaels on vocals, the twin guitar sound of Roman Lauer and Jerry Napitupulu with Manu Judge on bass and Ben Grimm on bass. I cannot comment on what went before but this unit really has gelled together into a tight and compact unit that revels in old school hard rock. It also looks like the band is on a steep learning curve and has supported the likes of Skynyrd, Uriah Heep and Rose Tattoo over the last couple of years and they have watched and learned from these old masters and have incorporated many elements into their instantly impacting hard, driving rock. Heavy on riffs and insistent, compelling hooks, this is high energy rock and roll delivered with precision and passion from a great team of musicians and they have a thrilling frontman in Eric St. Michaels who gives a storming performance and is impeccably backed by a team that really knows how to boogie.

King Zebra has definitely taken its musical inspirations form the 1980’s but delivers the music with a modern twist and if you are into the bands like Scorpions, AC/DC, ZZ Top and, yes, even Krokus then you are going to love this infectious metal album that rocks along very nicely. They have also managed to get Guernica Mancini of Thundermother to sing on Wall Of Confusion and what a great job he does too.

Sometimes you just need straight forward, uncomplicated rock with loads of guitars screeching in overtime and some big and bold vocals that deliver a real blast of adrenalin and on those days you should definitely play some King Zebra. I think King Zebra has been a secret kept for far too long as to hear this album is to love it, great fun.


  1. Under Destruction (3:57)
  2. She Don’t Like My R’n’R (3:42)
  3. Desperate (3:38)
  4. Wall Of Confusion (feat. Guernica Mancini) (3:29)
  5. On The Run (3:45)
  6. Rush (4:18)
  7. Hot Cop Lady (2:52)
  8. We’re The Survivors (3:58)
  9. We Are One (4:02)
  10. Be The Hunter (3:17)