August 24, 2020
Photo Credit: Dana Willax

California-based metal band Kingdom of Giants have shared Wayfinder their latest single from upcoming album Passenger on Friday. The new single is the third look at the upcoming full-length, following previously released tracks Sync and Side Effect. Fans can check out Wayfinder and pre-order Passenger ahead of its October 16th release via SharpTone Records. Check the video below!

Our good friend Orie Mcginness has once again topped himself with our new video for Wayfinder“, says vocalist Dana. “This is the 1st time we’ve ever done a video with very little performance, and also without most of the band members. We knew Wayfinder was going to be a single before we ever even finished the song. It’s different than anything we have ever written and feel it has such a unique, refreshing vibe.”

With Passenger, Kingdom of Giants is poised to soar beyond ‘best kept secret’ status and into the modern metal and post-hardcore stratosphere, with a continuously evolving sound that pushes both the band and their audience forward. While firmly rooted in classic metalcore elements, familiar to fans of Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying or international counterparts like Architects and Northlane, the six-piece Californian band bravely colour outside the lines of the safe and predictable.

The only ‘constant’ in the Kingdom of Giants discography is the constant motion, as the group works tirelessly to ensure each album will take listeners on a rich, rewarding, and diverse journey. Passenger, the band’s fourth full-length and first in partnership with SharpTone Records, arrives like a bolt of lightning, heralding a torrential downpour across a desert of cookie-cutter clutter.

The band’s ability to recreate the depth and power of their recorded compositions on the stage has been demonstrated on stages across North America and Europe, as Kingdom of Giants built a reputation as road dogs on tours with Fit For A King, As I Lay Dying, Born Of Osiris and Phinehas.

Passenger track list:

01. Two Suns
02. Night Shift
03. SYNC
04. Side Effect
05. .00397
06. Burner
07. Wayfinder
08. Blue Dream ft. Michael Barr
09. Sleeper
10. Lost Hills
11. Bleach
12. The Ride ft. Courtney Laplante

Dana Willax and bassist Jonny Reeves share vocal duties, blending a mixture of scream/sing storytelling drawn from each of their life experiences and emotional obstacles. It’s less of a traditional metalcore screamer / ‘clean vocalist’ pairing and more akin to the tradeoff in bands like blink-182, in spirit and structure if not in sound. The triple guitar attack of Max BremerRed Martin, and Julian Perez saves the terrifyingly aggressive technical prowess flourishes for when they’ll have the most impact. They adeptly focus on steady and catchy grooves that lock in place with Reeves and drummer Truman Berlin, whose skills are among the top levels within the genre.

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