February 13, 2021

This is the debut album by Kreek, the new band fronted by ex-Bigfoot vocalist Antony Ellis. Ellis put the band together in 2019 after he had earlier left Bigfoot with the band officially folding shortly afterwards – a pity considering that the Wigan band was a prime example of how hard and heavy rock should be played in the modern age. I’m not sure what actually led to the split but at least it is good news that Ellis is back and it seems that in Kreek he has another fine vehicle to showcase his prodigious talents as a frontman of remarkable stature.

It seems that Frontiers approached Ellis after his departure from Bigfoot as they were keen to help him find another vehicle for his exceptional voice and he soon put together this new band with Nick Clarke on guitar, Dan Collict on lead and rhythm guitar, Lee Andrews on bass and Seb Sweet on drums. It’s good to see that Ellis has gone with the twin guitar attack again as this gives added depth to the band’s sound and, let’s face it, two guitars are always going to be better than one! As with his earlier band, this is ’70s metal with a modern twist so take Wishbone Ash and Whitesnake and add a little Inglorious, the Dead Daisies and Thunder and you will have something approaching the delicious hard and heavy metal that Kreek delight in. The riffs are crushing and the solos thrilling and devastating with it all being backed up by a tidal wave of bass and drums over which Anthony Ellis lays down a fabulous vocal display. He has one of those perfect voices that can adapt to any style and his delivery makes it sound so easy and it is as if he was put on this earth purely to front a heavy rock band.

In fact, retro rock simply does not get better than this and if you have heard the Bigfoot self titled album then you will see similarities and in many ways this sounds as though it could have been their awesome second release. However, Bigfoot was not to be and we now have Kreek, a rock band of epic proportions with songs to thrill and performances from the top drawer. If you like your metal supplied as it used to be i.e. hard, heavy and direct with fantastic melodic songs, plenty of hooks, enticing riffs, killer guitar and a real hard working frontman then you should check out Kreek immediately. There is a confidence and a strut about this band and it is as if they know they have produced something remarkable and noteworthy which they so obviously have. The album has been produced by Dan Rossall (Passion, Revolution Saints) and he has done a great job in making the music slick but still with that downright dirty vibe that we want to hear in our rock ‘n’ roll. 

As a debut, this is damn near perfect rock and roll and is an album that can be played and appreciated anywhere. Just one listen and you will be hooked for sure.

Kreek tracklist

  1. At The Bottom Of Hell (6:40)
  2. Missiles (4:34)
  3. Meet Your Maker (3:07)
  4. Million Dollar Man (4:38)
  5. One Voice (5:22)
  6. Man On My Shoulder (4:34)
  7. Stand Together (4:15)
  8. Down ‘N Dirty (3:20)
  9. Get Up (4:09)
  10. You’re On Your Own (5:09)