April 21, 2023
Photo: Mariano Cirigliano.

Krilloan is a Sweden power/true metal band with Emperor Rising being the full debut album following on from the Stories Of Time Forgotten EP which introduced the band to the metal community in a blaze of glory in 2021 and then again with a re-release last year.

Emperor Rising is now the band’s full debut release and sees them in full-on True/Power metal mode with a totally preposterous but entertainingly brilliant slab of hard rock machismo full of screaming guitars, soaring vocals, storming drums loud enough to make your ears bleed and daring tales of fantasy, legend and glorious battle. This is epic rock and them some built around outstanding twin guitars and some truly exceptional vocals with the musicians giving everything that they have to give! Vocalist Alex VanTrue has a soaring delivery that calls to mind Justin Hawkins of The Darkness (remember them?) with Klas Holmgren and Steve Brockmann laying down as many searing breaks as you can handle with the dynamic pair of Marco Toba (bass) and Cristoph Brandes (drums) giving totally cataclysmic backing with everything set to 11 in best Spinal Tap traditions.

If you favour the power metal of bands like Rhapsody Of Fire, Freedom Call and Blind Guardian then there is plenty on offer here to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Emperor Rising

  1. Prince of Caledor (3:44)
  2. Sons of the Lion (3:55)
  3. Fireborn (5:26)
  4. Return to Melnibone (1:17)
  5. Emperor Rising (3:48)
  6. Break Of Dawn (Brothers In Arms) (4:32)
  7. Into the Storm (4:06)
  8. Stormlight (4:18)
  9. Angels Sacrifice (5:45)