February 13, 2020

This is the first time that I have come across Kryptos or even the concept of Indian rock music as I have always imagined hard rock and metal to be a Western/European ideal although we are seeing more fine bands emerging from South America and other territories too. However, some research has shown that there are hundreds if not thousands of bands from the Indian sub-continent which was something of a surprise. So, we now have Afterburner by Kryptos and it was only because the accompanying publicity sheet stated that they were from Bangalore that I started to wonder about bands from outside the normal territories.

If I had simply put the music on then I would have been none the wiser as this is a great, rocking album of speed and thrash influenced metal by a superb band with absolutely delicious guitar breaks and a powerful and strident thrash vocalist. The wonderful thing about music is that it has no barriers or borders and, ultimately, it is just about the music itself and we are all part of the rock brotherhood. The band was formed in 1998 by rhythm guitarist Nolan Lewis and bassist Ganesh Krishnaswamy and, intriguingly, it seems that Krishnaswamy was the singer from formation to 2005 with vocal duties then being handed over to Lewis. The band began life with a style influenced by NWOBHM and thrash and they still very much conform to this template today. Afterburner is their fifth album and there have been several changes to the band in the intervening years with lead guitar now courtesy of Rohit Chaturvedi and what a talent he is, quite stunning and a guitarist that demands you attention with his thrilling runs. Their long time drummer, Anthony Hoover, left the band in 2018 and it seems they have continued with session drummers since then and given that a drummer is not mentioned for this album then I can only assume that the drum seat remains empty at the moment.

Kryptos is a band influenced by the likes of Judas Priest (who isn’t), Kreator, Mercyful Fate and Iron Maiden but they have their own unique niche and are a quite brilliant thrash metal band and it therefore doesn’t matter where they come from but let’s hope they inspire many more bands to follow them.