July 2, 2024

The first Indian metal band ever to tour Europe, Kryptos are now both a well-known name worldwide and a band with plenty of quality music under their belts. Nolan Lewis (vocals, guitar) is the only original member left from the band’s early days in the late nineties, with lead guitarist Rohit Chaturvedi joining 18 years ago. The present line-up was completed in 2019 with the addition of Vijit Singhis on drums. Bass player Robin Utbult is only mentioned as a session musician for the recording of the new album Decimator, which is coming out at the end of this week.

Kryptos started out with a style that incorporated some extreme metal elements, before settling on the classic heavy metal formula in their fourth album Burn Up The Night. The new album doesn’t deviate from the old school ethos, Sirens Of Steel and Fall To The Spectre’s gaze bristling with energy, fast tempo and wonderful guitar riffs. Nolan’s singing style and voice are rough on the edges, adding individuality and a specific charisma to Kryptos. Turn Up The Heat is classic Accept worship, while Electrify wins with fantastic harmonies and guitar solos, reminding me of early Maiden and Tokyo Blade. My impression is that Decimator has “distilled” all of the band’s best features and trimmed all the fat, if I may say so. Now we have an album with short songs, which get to the point straight away and hit you with either an amazing riff or an earworm chorus.

The second half of the album is just a little bit weaker, mainly due to the last two songs losing a bit of steam, even though they still sound solid and well-crafted. The problem is that they don’t have hooks as good as the ones in the previous few songs. Anyway, in a year packed with so much excellent classic heavy metal releases, Kryptos easily manage to stay head and shoulders above the majority and deliver one of the highlights in the genre. Decimator is an obligatory addition to every old school metalhead’s collection. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


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Decimator is out on July 5th via Afm Records and can be ordered from HERE