March 26, 2023

L.A. Cobra is not a name I know but this sleaze/glam rock band was formed in Pretoria, South Africa and serves up a heady brew of US inspired party sleaze even though the inspirational city of LA is around 10,400 miles away which only goes to show the global reach and influence of music.

The band formed around 2005 with influences from all of the great American sleaze bands so you will definitely pick up on influences from Skid Row. Motley Crüe, Quiet Riot and even Bon Jovi so what you get is good time, exuberant, irreverent rock and roll rock with a hard rock centre that ensures the band’s latest album satisfies on so many levels. Superstition is album number four with each record sticking very much to the sleaze metal formula which is definitely a well tried and tested format but L.A. Cobra are far from being a formulaic group.

The band is made up by Don Cobra on vocals and guitar with Slade on lead guitar, Ewil on bass and Callie on drums and you always get the feeling that there is a little ‘in joke’ going on when the musicians only use nicknames and this further reinforces the smiling, tongue in cheek nature of the band but this attitude never compromises the music which is hard and biting. Don Cobra has a neat and incessant voice that demands to be listed to and Slade lays down a series of thrilling riffs and lead guitar breaks backed up by a truly solid rhythm section. The album is short and sweet with the band saying what it wants to say and then it’s on to the next hard and heavy track but it is always with a great sense of melody and panache.

Of course, it’s all been done before but glam/sleaze metal will always have a hard core of devotees and it is only right and proper that you should have a little bit of a party/good time flavour to your music.


  1. Strange Desires (3:06)
  2. Nothing Like A Nemesis (3:35)
  3. The Star (3:20)
  4. Superstition (4:14)
  5. Untamed (3:09)
  6. I Want More (3:57)
  7. Chemical Dependency (3:37)
  8. She’s My Prison (3:34)
  9. Inferno (3:54)
  10. Kill (3:58)