September 17, 2023

Based in Vancouver, Canada, La Chinga is an 11-years-old band, which is gearing up to release its third full length Primal Forces in three weeks. Their sound lies somewhere in-between Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses, with a pinch of Motörhead here and there (see Backs To The Wall). Don’t let the great artwork mislead you it’s some old school heavy or speed metal. Nope.

The album starts with the anthemic Light It Up, which, together with Witch’s Heart and The Call relies on some very catchy background vocals, with even some The Cult influence springing to mind in the latter song. The band is made up of Carl Spackler (vocals & bass), Ben Yardley (guitars, vocals & moog synth) and Jay Solyom (drums and backing vocals). The songs rely on some very strong riffs building the basis for some equally great vocal melodies and attention-engaging choruses. Bolt Of Lightning, Stars Fall From The Sky and Rings Of Power are not on par with the rest of the songs but they are “distributed” randomly in the track list, so the momentum isn’t lost. The trance-like, mid-tempo Motor Boogie closes the album with some powerful drumming and some power-chords of the Monster Magnet school. You should have gotten a good idea of what to expect from La Chinga and that is: good hard rock, witch a punchy production and quite a few memorable hooks.

While Primal Forces is not a top-ten highlight in this quality-overloaded post-pandemic year, it definitely is a release you should check, if the above-mentioned bands are you thing. La Chinga have a late-seventies ethos and approach to writing music, which is refreshing in these modern days of overproduced sound wars. There’s potential in these Canadians, and you shouldn’t miss it.


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Primal Forces is out on October 6th and can be pre-ordered from HERE