March 30, 2021

Laced In Lust is a rather curiously titled Australian sleaze rock band with First Bite being their debut release. They have been deliciously described as having a sound like a sleazy Status Quo and so many music fans get a bit sniffy when you mention the Quo but the early Status Quo of Piledriver and Dog Of Two Head fame was a vital and essential rock boogie outfit very much to savour. The early Quo type boogie is definitely an essential component of the Laced In Lust sound for sure but they have also incorporated elements of the vital essence of the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith as well to make a rock hybrid that is truly thrilling and a must listen.

Formed in Adelaide around 10-years ago they have put out several EPs but their full length debut has taken some time to be released and they have obviously used this time to hone their skills to perfection as this is a spectacularly mature sleaze/glam album that screams Sunset Strip and is 100% guaranteed to give you a good time. First Bite is an album to enjoy with mates as it is one of those records that pulls everyone together and is a must for parties and get-togethers (remember them?) and thoroughly enjoyed with cold beers and JD chasers. Rock doesn’t always have to be complicated or high-brow as, after all, classic rock and roll has served the Stones perfectly well for almost 60-years so get the formula right and the music takes care of itself. That, then, is the real beauty of party time sleaze rock in that it is fully inclusive and when played correctly and with real passion and verve, as it is here, then is a truly vital and life-affirming force.

There is no doubt that this is Australian rock too so it is a downright dirty and gritty rock work out pretty much of the same school as Rose Tattoo, The Angels, Airbourne and Wolfmother in that they take no prisoners and keep the energy levels at 100% throughout, what you see is definitely what you get with Laced In Lust. There is also a little blues rock here too, the sort played in some back street dive as an aid to copious beer drinking and then they play Black Heart Murder which is pure Spear Of Destiny, this is a band with far more skill and dexterity than they are admitting to on this very essential debut album. They have a dynamite vocalist in Torsten Steel who also plays guitar alongside Nick Robinson with Oopie on bass with Russell Boyd on drums and Caleb Wynne being their touring bass player.

Together, they are a talented team and have the required skill set to play just about anything but they delight in that special, good time party rock best associated with L.A. but they also have the grittiness of Brit and Aussie rock and roll to keep it all sensible and well grounded. It’s only rock and roll but I like it!

First Bite track list

  1. Save Me (4:29)
  2. Hot Tonight (5:23)
  3. Hard In This Town (4:22)
  4. Your Name (4:30)
  5. Firing Lines (4:43)
  6. Party’s Over (3:13)
  7. On Parole (3:57)
  8. I Remember When I Was Young (4:32)
  9. Fire (4:17)
  10. Rock You (3:59)
  11. Lip Service (5:02)
  12. Black Heart Murder (5:12)
  13. I’m Alone (5:04)
  14. Sunrise (4:02)