June 9, 2024

The debut solo album from Lars Fredrik Frøislie, “Fire Fortellinger”, was very well received when it came out last year, deservedly so. Therefore it’s a big moment for Frøislie to now get one of the albums tracks recorded by one of his favourite vocalists from one of his favourite bands, ​the Italian prog band Museo Rosenbach.

When Lars Fredrik got a chance ​to ​have Stefano “Lupo” Galifi sing “Et sted under himmelhvelvet” in the Italian version, “Un Posto Sotto Il Cielo”, it was a dream come true. 

As Lars Fredrik explains:

When I wrote “Et sted under himmelhvelvet”, I imagined an Italian version in my head with just Stefano “Lupo” Galifi’s vocals. Not so surprising, perhaps, since he is one of my favourite vocalists. I have loved his slightly raspy, but powerful and soulful vocals ever since I discovered Museo Rosenbach as a teenager.  

When the opportunity presented itself, I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask him, and it gave me much joy that he was actually willing to sing on this one. Especially since he sings just as well today as he did 50 years ago.  

For me, it was both emotional and surreal to hear a voice I have known and loved throughout much of my life, singing one of my songs.  

Finally, I must thank Sergio Lombardi, who both put me in touch with Stefano, and translated the text into Italian for me. 

Limited edition 10″ single in brown kraft paper sleeve, reminiscent of the good old 78-rpm gramophone records. Featuring the Italian-language “Un Posto Sotto il Cielo” featuring legendary Museo Rosenbach singer Strefano ‘Lupo’ Galifi on side A, and the original Norwegian version on side B.

Limited to 200 copies worldwide, released on 20th June.