October 31, 2022

There appears to have been several bands with the name Last Temptation but this version is the European heavy metal band with Fuel For My Soul being the bands second album following on from the self-titled debut in 2019. The group was formed by guitarist Peter Scheithauer (Killing Machine, Belladonna, Temple of Brutality) and vocalist Butcho Vukovic with the debut being an old-school rock album notable for featuring special guests in bassist Bob Daisley (Rainbow), drummer Vinnie Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath) and keyboard player Don Airey (Deep Purple, Rainbow). With these legends involved it is hardly surprising that the debut drew comparisons with Rainbow, Sabbath and Dio. It appears that the band wanted to achieve a more aggressive and raw sound with the aim for it to have a more ‘live’ vibe and for the new release with Julien Rimaire (Los Dissidentes Del Sucio Motel) coming in on bass and Vince Brisach (Mitch Ryder) taking over drumming duties. The band now has a very European heavy metal/hard rock sound rather similar in delivery to bands like Thunder but on steroids and there still remains a Dio/Black Sabbath flavour to the music too. It’s extremely riff heavy with Scheithauer delighting in playing as loud as he with his solos being truly sensational and hit with the force of a sledgehammer to the back of the brain. Butcho Vukovic is sensational as the frontman with a voice absolutely perfect for 100mph metal being a thrilling combination of Alice Cooper, Robert Plant and David Coverdale. As part of the new sound they were looking for and to give the album the real kick that they were looking for the rhythm tracks, bass, drum and guitars were all recorded live which makes the record intense and gives it a real edge. It seems that the band wanted a grungier sound without actual being grunge but the stripped back to basics sound gives the feel of a band with just amplifiers and instruments jamming in a hot and tight club with no refinery or technical overdubs so what you get is loud, proud and dirty hard rock. Fuel For My Soul sounds like a lost classic from the 70’s and if you listen to it then you will need to warn your neighbours as you need to crank your system up to the maximum volume because those windows need to rattle to get the best out of this hard and angry metal album. This is the album that I wanted to hear as a 16-year-old back in 1976!

Fuel For My Soul

  1. Ashes and Fire (4:03)
  2. I Believe (5:04)
  3. Stronger Than Fate (3:54)
  4. I Don’t Wanna Be Your God (5:59)
  5. Fuel for my Soul (4:32)
  6. Carousel of Hell (4:43)
  7. Free, Strong and Loud (3:55)
  8. In the Mirror (4:46)
  9. Main Attraction (4:01)
  10. The Answer (3:42)
  11. Going Crazy (4:01)