March 9, 2021

A name that has previously passed me by is League Of Lights which formed in 2010 and is an electro, art-rock duo made up by the vocalist Farrah West and, I’m assuming, her husband Richard West, the producer and keyboard player with UK progressive metal band Threshold. Dreamers Don’t Come Down is the duo’s third full album release with their self-titled debut being released as far back as 2011which featured contributions from guitarist Ruud Jolie from Within Temptation, drummer Mark Zonder from Fates Warning and the acclaimed bassist Jerry Meehan. I haven’t heard this album yet but it is a very tempting line-up so further investigation is certainly necessary. There was then a period of quiet before the band returned with the second album In The In Between and then the EP Extended Light both in 2019.

The latest album, and third, is another of those written and recorded during the lockdown periods and the themes seem to reflect these times of danger with the central concept or being to remain positive and to keep dreams, hopes and aspirations alive in the ever crazy times we continue to live in. There is a definite ’80s electro vibe to the album which is great as I am a big fan of that type of music from that period but the album is not done as a retro tribute but more of a reboot for the 2020’s with Farrah West having a wonderfully dreamy voice that is so evocative and gives the music a real stamp of authority. Richard West appears to play all of the instruments with this being a very heavily keyboard driven work with lot’s of exquisite piano creating a very atmospheric and ethereal soundscape. There is a rather stark John Foxx feel to the music mainly due to the delicious and emotive piano work with Farrah West being utterly delightful with a delivery that gives the band a real Kate Bush, Goldfrapp and Bat For Lashes sound allied with a wonderful ’80s Dollar pop appeal. Take time to watch the quite beautiful anime video for the upbeat and utterly danceable Modern Living which kicks the album off in great form and has already been released as a single.

The material is perfectly written as will soon have you singing along with the songs such are the hooks and melodies within them and all with a pop vibe ideal for radio play that is, paradoxically, suitable both for quiet contemplation and playing on the dance floor. Each songs leads seamlessly into the next making this a real feel good album that is so well crafted and compiled. The second single is The Collector which is another hypnotic and thoroughly absorbing song with a perfect and very arty video that so wonderfully represents the duo at their best.

If you have a leaning towards perfectly crafted electro pop music then this album is really going to delight you.

Dreamers Don’t Come Down track list

  1. Modern Living (3:00)
  2. Twenty Twenty One (3:47)
  3. Ghosts (3:48)
  4. I Still Remember (3:33)
  5. I Still Remember (3:33)
  6. Dreamers (2:34)
  7. With You (3:41)
  8. Lines In The Sand (3:49)
  9. The Collector (4:08)
  10. North Of The Sun (4:21)
  11. Echoes Of A Dream (4:22)