July 31, 2022

Polish rockers Leash Eye’s new album “Busy Nights, Hazy Days” is now available for order through their website: https://leasheye.pl/produkt/busy-nights-hazy-days/ The band has also just released their new music video “…Of The Night”, see below, it’s well up to scratch!

These guys have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary show in Warsaw, and this selection underlines their strong song-writing and playing skills, with anyone who likes Deep Purple, Spiritual Beggars, Dio, Grand Magus, Black Sabbath, Black Label Society etc being surprised and impressed by a really tight production. There’s also more than a hint of the late, great, Chris Cornell in the very strong vocals.

Leash Eye are:
Marcin Bidziński
Marek Kowalski
Piotr Sikora
Arkadiusz Gruszka
Łukasz Podgórski

Leash Eye do a winning combination of dirty guitars, a powerful rhythm section, real rock vocals and perhaps the dirtiest Hammond organ sound on the modern scene to create a mix the band like to call “hard truckin’ rock”. Active since 1996, the band recently moved away from modern metal production values, opting for a more raw and organic sound, while retaining everything that makes up Leash Eye’s unique character – influences from southern rock and classic rock, plus a touch of stoner.

The album has nine meaty slabs of mostly southern rock, and I’m struggling to name a weakness in here (other than a slightly dodgy album cover). The set opens with Betting On One Horse, featuring a great, throbbing riff that grabs you by the tootsies and wont let go! Where The Grass Is Green And The Girls Are Pretty is modelled heavily on G’N’R’s original, this is a strong start.

….Of The Night swoops in with another big chugger of a riff, instantly gets one interested! This where echoes of Chris Cornell abound, albeit within a more Southern sound. Electric Suns maintains the heaviness quotient alongside some great rockin’ harmonies and perhaps the first burst of guitar/Hammond interplay – phooargh, I can imagine this lot are fantastic live!

Stay Down doesn’t quite scale the same heights, but no-one’s perfect. No Time To Take It Easy is what Sabbath would have sounded like if they had a Hammond in their line-up, it’s a stonkin’ riff although the vocals then struggle a little. Step On It is right back up there however, touches of Purple Mk2 in the blend of guitar/organ chord progression. Really good. F.D.T.D. swoops in with a downright dirty bar-room riff, it morphs into a high-speed thrash-along before slowing to Stoner pace. Last up is Some Kind Of Rookie, more of the same but good with it.

Overall, this is thoroughly enjoyable hard rock. It gets a little samey and derivative at times, but fans of the genre will forgive that. They’re a very tight band that perform well and I bet live shows are great fun!