May 29, 2023

Some albums are destined for obscurity while other should be acclaimed from the roof tops for their sheer originality, scope of performance and emotional depth and Limited Edition Lava Lamp is one of those rare releases.

Recorded by two giants of the rock world in Ledfoot and Ronni Le Tekrø, this is the second album that they have recorded together and follows on from 2020’s A Death Divine and sees the artists at the peak of their creative collaboration. The enigmatic American artist Ledfoot aka Tim Scott McConnell has had an interesting and distinctive career as a singer, songwriter and guitarist, is also credited with the formation of the Gothic Blues genre and has been based out of Norway for several years now.

Ronni Le Tekrø made his name as a guitarist of extraordinary standing and was a founder and now the only original member of the quality Norwegian rock band TNT and he can often be found adding his unique style to other recording artists including his regular workings with the imperious jazz guitarist, composer and fellow Norwegian Terje Rypdal which shows that Le Tekrø is so much more than your average rock guitarist! This is so obviously seen with his work with Ledfoot as they explore new sounds and rhythms in a music that incorporates much from the works of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and even Dr. Hook but when combined they have a whole that is so much greater than the individual components.

Ledfoot has a vocal delivery that is delicious and delivered with style and panache and indicates he has lived a fulsome and engrossing life and his guitar playing is intricate and involved with Le Tekrø simply stealing your soul with his sublime skills and enthralling delivery. They have brought in a talented team with HP Gundersen on additional guitars, Anders Odden on bass, Trond Augland on drums and Markus O Klyve on keyboards all combining to produce a masterful work that is so similar in style to the breath-taking series of ‘American’ recordings from the one and only Johnny Cash.

Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekrø may be a combination that you know little of but if you have a fancy for the melancholic and are into blues/roots then this essential album will truly amaze.

Limited Eidtion Lava Lamp

  1. Little Rosie (3:56)
  2. Crying (3:18)
  3. The Ego In The Coffin (3:51)
  4. You Should Know How Hard It Is (5:21)
  5. Never Use Your Eyes (4:51)
  6. Sailor (4:36)
  7. Limited Edition Lava Lamp (7:11)
  8. Sister (2:50)
  9. This Hurtful Game (3:46)