June 19, 2022

Lee Rogers is a singer song writer from Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland and I first came across his music with his Dark Notions EP from last year. He has been a musician for almost 20-years but his output seems to be very sporadic with Gameblood being only his second long playing album although he has released several EPs during that time.

As I noted earlier, he has a very obvious love of all things Americana but with a typical Northern Irish approach to life, so you get truly eclectic folk rock very much in Van Morrison territory but with a healthy dose of the beautiful fragility of later year Johnny Cash, and that is surely enough to warrant investigation of his music. Again, he has that delicious, laid back style of delivery that draws you into his songs and his world which he paints with such exquisite delight. He released his debut album Drawing Clocks in 2006 which immediately received critical acclaim but then, bizarrely, music took a backseat to his other passion as a tattoo artist but he returned, refreshed and raring to go, in 2020.

I guess you could call this easy listening music but it does take you on a journey with a great deal of stories to keep you entertained and I image that in earlier days Lee Rogers would have been a travelling troubadour taking mirth, merriment and songs far and wide. As with all troubadours his tales are of real life and can often be about the darker side of life but we all love that slightly sinister edge that gives that extra thrill! The music is gentle and reflective with Paddy Lavinon on drums, Simon Francis on bass Colm McClean on guitar and pedal steel with Gareth Dunlop supplying guitar, piano and synths.

If you enjoy journeying with a musician with an open mind, prone to the odd bout of cynicism but capable of taking you to angelic height then take a listen to Gameblood, music from a modern balladeer. As a further selling point, if artists like Van Morrison and John Martyn and even Tom Waits tick your box then there is much here for you to explore and you are sure to find delights aplenty within the amazing story telling delights of Lee Rogers.


  1. Everytime (3:47)
  2. Silent Song (3:26)
  3. Uneasy Love (3:47)
  4. The House (3:06)
  5. Life And Lies (3:34)
  6. Haunted, (3:54)
  7. Homeward Bound (3:27)
  8. Won’t Find Me (4:18)
  9. Fools Gold, (4:06)
  10. Barefoot In The Basement (feat Foy Vance) (3:11)