August 8, 2022

Lessmann/Voss is a new collaboration between the singer and multi instrumentalist Claus Lessmann and vocalist Michael Voss (ex-Casanova, ex-Mad Max), a pair of musicians with a history of working together over the years and purveyors of quality rock music. Their last outing together was as members of excellent Phantom V so it is perhaps a little overdue that they have finally put this album together. Lessmann provides vocals and acoustic guitar with Voss offering vocals, lead guitar, bass and keyboards with Vincent Golly supplying the drums. The only track that Golly does not feature on is the virtually perfect cover of America’s Sister Golden Hair which sees drums by Kenny Lessmann and pedal steel from Martin Huch.

Now, if you were expecting some sort of heavy metal extravaganza then you will be disappointed as Rock Is Our Religion is an exceptionally strong melodic/AOR album very much inspired by the American heavyweights of the ’80s with a flavour of Toto and a little of the stadium rock of Europe. Lots of burning power ballads allow both singers to showcase their amazing voices and if this was still the 1980s then many of the tracks would be sure fire radio hits. However, those days are long since gone but the beauty of AOR is that it is a timeless music so will always stand out regardless of what the current music tastes are.

As is often stated quality is permanent and Claus Lessmann and Michael Voss most certainly stand as giants of the melodic rock scene and this album is sure to gain plenty of plaudits. Yes, it’s been done before but Journey are still making records which shows that there is still a big audience and market for melodic rock and Lessmann/Voss is very much an integral part of the scene.

Just lay back and let the hook laden excellent music, perfect vocal harmonies and wonderful musicianship wash over you on a wave of AOR bliss.

Rock Is Our Religion

  1. Medicine Man (3:47)
  2. Smoke Without A Fire (4:10)
  3. Runaway Days (3:46)
  4. Fight For Our Love (4:06)
  5. Take My Heart And Run (4:07)
  6. Slow Dance (5:39)
  7. Rock Is Our Religion (3:55)
  8. Something Is Better Than Nothing (3:47)
  9. Look Around (5:03)
  10. Stay (4:27)
  11. Sister Golden Hair (3:22)
  12. What Feels Right (3:54)