November 7, 2021

Leverage is a Finnish rock band from Helsinki which was formed in 2005 and we now come to album number five with Above The Beyond which sees the band continuing with the melodic metal approach they began later in their career and it is a natural follow on and progression from 2019’s Determinus.

The band has previously offered up symphonic, power and progressive metal but it now seems that the melodic rock path is the one that they are to take. The change should not be too surprising given that there was a gap of 10-years between Circus Colossus and Determinus and it was a virtually new band that returned for the classic 2019 album. Above And Beyond is another slick and perfectly produced album of gorgeous anthemic stadium rockers with all of the songs having a strong sense of melody, plenty of hooks and the usual thoroughly enjoyable vocal harmonies.

Leverage has kept the same line-up too with the delicious vocals of Kimmo Blom giving the band a really strong identity and sense of purpose with the guitar pairing of Mikko Salovaara and Tuomas Heikkinen working so well together and they both keep tight control so you get only what the song needs and guitar histrionics are kept to a minimum as this is an album built on melody and guitar excess would simply spoil the balance of the music. We then have the hard working pair of Sami Norrbacka on bass and Valtteri Revonkorpi on drums with Marko Niskala giving sterling service on the keyboards.

You will still detect strong elements of progressive metal in the album too and when they crank up the power they become a real elemental force. A touch Avantasia and a touch Journey would ideally sum up Leverage but they are their own band with a sound that is uniquely theirs and in Kimmo Blom they have a truly superior vocalist and he is another who can belt out the power but also crank up the emotional levels when offering up some truly sublime power ballads. Everything is exactly where it should be making Above The Beyond a truly classic melodic metal album and they are most certainly in a healthy place at the moment and playing some of the best music that they have ever produced.

Smooth and slick, Leverage continues to impress and you really should check them out.

Above The Beyond

  1. Starlight (4:01)
  2. Emperor (5:49)
  3. Into The New World (5:36)
  4. Do You Love Me Now (3:42)
  5. Angelica (5:05)
  6. Under His Eye (7:18)
  7. Falling Out Of Grace (6:04)
  8. Galleria (5:21)
  9. Silence (9:09)