November 6, 2022

Which one is the Liar, which one is the Thief and which one is the Bandit? When reviewing Liar Thief Bandit’s last creation, the Deadlights album in March 2021 (see VT coverage!), I suggested there isn’t a massive amount of variety or boundary-pushing with these guys. I did however qualify it by saying that’s not the point – it was quite simply twelve excellent reasons to let your hair down and have some fun, the 42 minutes-worth on that album being more than sufficient to leave you breathless, worn out but eager for more!

these three make LOTS of noise!

Fast forward eighteen months, and Swedish power trio have now unleashed a new mini-album Diamonds (out now), offering another seven new tracks that follow on from Deadlights, effortlessly blending classic rock and Scandinavian garage rock in a similar format to before – but hey, if it works, don’t fix it! In a nutshell, this is catchy, straight forward, and honest rock music at its finest – memorable hooks and storytelling lyrics blended with an energetic but tuneful concoction of twin guitars; tight, punchy drums and thundering bass lines. Diamonds features six new original tracks, as well as a cover of Graveyard’s 2011 hit Ain’t Fit to Live Here.

In these careworn times, we all need a musical kick-ass energy-booster from time to time. For me, the Ramones absolutely used to hit the spot – cue Surfin’ Bird! Garage rock by definition is a stonking cure for any kind of tiredness, Scandanavian bands doing it particularly well, and Liar Thief Bandit are a power trio seemingly born to play live with the sole purpose of having fun. After humble beginnings in 2015, the band’s journey took off a year later with their self-produced debut album Gun Shovel Alibi. Extensive touring across Europe has continued pretty much non-stop, these guys have definitely paid their dues! Whether you badge it Garage-Rock, Power-Pop, Pub-Rock or whatever, this is top-tier no-frills energetic good-time rock’n’roll!

Liar, Thief, Bandit….Mikael Jacobson (guitar/vocals), William Grube (drums), Niklas Dahre (bass)
– in that order??!

On this latest production, Liar Thief Bandit once again effortlessly blend smooth guitar licks, infectious hooks, and uplifting lyrics with a ton of live rock energy, bringing to mind the best of The Offspring, The Hives, Rich Kids, Varvara etc – it’s all great fun! Most of the tracks are three-minute wedges of power chords, meaty rhythms, some surprisingly sweet guitar licks on top, some hugely infectious hooks and choruses…what’s not to like! My particular favourite is the closing track Send Me Home, a veritable epic at just over five and a half minutes. It’s a little darker, a little slower to start with but it’s the owner of a monster riff and a scorcher of a solo halfway through! Great stuff – go get it!

Diamonds was recorded at Tilt Recording Studios in Strömstad, Sweden. The mini-album is produced by Max Dahlby (Åskväder, The Drippers and Scumbag Millionaire) and Liar Thief Bandit, Mixed by William Grube, and mastered by Jonas Siöström. It’s now available on The Sign Records, on all streaming platforms, white vinyl, green vinyl, and CD.