November 11, 2019

As it was recently announced, King Diamond will return with a new album, The Institute, in early 2020. This Metal Blade Records release will be his first new music since 2007’s Give Me Your Soul… Please. The long pause was caused by health issues and a heart surgery intervention on King, which are now happily overcome and the Dane is back on track performing live and recording.

Now you can listen to one of the songs in The Institute, which is announced to be a two-part concept album.

Here what King Diamond comments: “The style is very classic King Diamond with lots of dynamics and limited amounts of compression to achieve very natural sounding vocals and instruments throughout the song. You’ll find some complex orchestrations, including the typical choir works you’re used to hearing from King Diamond, and a special thought process bringing vocals back to the forefront: ‘All vocals are lead vocals.’

“Both Andy and I are presently working on several different songs with high potential for the upcoming album; all of which are absolute killers. We will continue this work when we’re back from our North American tour in December, during which you can hear the live version of Masquerade Of Madness. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy the brand new studio version of Masquerade Of Madness.”

King Diamond line-up:
King Diamond – vocals
Andy LaRocque – guitar
Mike Wead – guitar
Pontus Egberg – bass
Matt Thompson – drums

In other news, King Diamond will be part of the Mercyful Fate reunion in their 1999 line-up, for a few festival appearances in 2020. So, looks like next year will be a busy one for the King.