February 3, 2022

Lordi is one of those bands that will always divide opinions but no one could ever deny the group its place in the rock universe and the sheer versatility that it has brought into our lives. I’m not sure if Mr Lordi, singer, songwriter and designer, actually knew his destination when he formed the band in 1992 in Rovaniemi in Northern Finland or Lapland if you prefer but he most certainly has had a great time now culminating with the release of Lordiversity. However, you sometimes just have to sit back open mouthed at the sheer audacity of this crazy, bizarre, bonkers yet vital and life affirming hard rock behemoth.

I guess Lordiversity really began life a couple of years ago with the release of Killection, the bands 10th album in a real rollercoaster of a career. Now, the concept behind Killection was pure genius with Mr Lordi disregarding the fact that the band began life in 1992 which allowed him to consider the old conundrum of ‘what if’ so he presupposed that the band had been put together much earlier and what would their studio output have been like if they were actually an early ’70s band. The band then set about recording an entire greatest hits album based on this fiction and this set of brand new songs were written and recorded in line with what was happening in the music business and the technology that was available from the early ’70s through to the late ’90s. Each track was set in a different period of time and charted the band as it developed over the two decades in what has to be a truly amazing and mind bending concept. The cherry on the cake was the ‘brand new’ song recorded in 2019 which the band added for historical accuracy on a work that was entirely fictional, pure genius. This actually meant that the band released a greatest hits package based on albums that they had never recorded over a period of time in which the band had not even existed, Back To The Future or what! I loved the publicity line that came out at the time of release which stated quite simply ‘these are, effectively, the Lordi hit singles that never happened’, wonderful.

How do you follow such a ground breaking concept, well if you are Lordi then you quite simply record the actual albums from which the greatest hits package was taken from. It is at this time that you have to dim the lights, sit back and try to get your head around this truly paradoxical work of music. Lordiversity is the literally stunning work that the band has released which features seven brand new albums with 78 songs and a running time of 4 hours and 44 minutes which is going to keep any Lordi or indeed self respecting rock fan happy and occupied for quite a while. COVID has affected so many but I doubt we would have seen this volume of work without the disruption that the pandemic has caused for the music industry and touring in particular meaning that so many musicians have had plenty of spare time on their hands and the good folk of Lordi have most certainly taken advantage of this opportunity to create a most distinctive work.

Mr Lordi is a unique and hard hitting vocalist and he has found the perfect foils in Mr Amen on guitars and what sterling work het gets through too with Mr Hiisi on bass, Mr Mana on drums and the impeccable Ms Hella with some quite stunning keyboard passages. The band has been very clever here with the albums charting the time and progress that the band would have or could have made and reflects the main musical influences of the time with Skelectric Dinosaur being inspired by ’70s era KISS, Superflytrap is a glorious funk album with a disco beat, The Masterbeast From the Moon sees Lordi going progressive rock and Abusement sees the band recreating hard rock/glam metal. The fun continues with Humanimals seeing an ;80s AOR work, Abracadaver sees a much heavier side of the band with some Priest type Painkiller mayhem before the band explores Goth and industrial metal with Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular. The albums are designed to be played together but I’m sure everyone will have their own favourite but you cannot help but applaud the grand nature of the project with the band having a great deal of fun as they recreate the rock word to suit them, what audacity but well done indeed Mr Lordi and fellow band members!

CD 1 – Skelectric DinosaurCD 2 – SuperflytrapCD 3 – The Masterbeast From The MoonCD 4 – Abusement Park
SCG Minus 7: The Arrival (1:09)SCG Minus 6: Delightful Pop-Ins (1:09)SCG Minus 5: Transmission Request (1:35)SCG Minus 4: The Carnival Barker (0:53)
Day Off Of The Devil (3:33)Macho Freak (3:42)Moonbeast (6:29)Abusement Park (3:35)
Starsign Spitfire (3:03)Believe Me (4:20)Celestial Serpents (6:07)Grrr! (3:49)
Maximum-O-Lovin’ (2:23)Spooky Jive (3:57)Hurricane Of The Slain (3:00)Ghost Train (3:21)
The King On The Head Staker’s Mountain (5:21)City Of The Broken Hearted (4:05)Spear Of The Romans (5:46)Carousel (4:25)
Carnivore (3:30)Bella From Hell (3:28)Bells Of The Netherworld (3:01)House Of Mirrors (3:53)
Phantom Lady (3:16)Cast Out From Heaven (3:53)Transmission Reply (0:20)Pinball Machine (3:35)
The Tragedy Of Annie Mae (3:45)Gonna Do It (Or Do It And Cry) (2:53)Church Of Succubus (11:58)Nasty , Wild & Naughty (3:12)
Blow My Fuse (3:35)Zombimbo (4:55)Soliloquy (1:51)Rollercoaster (4:48)
…And Beyond The Isle Was Mary (2:15)Cinder Ghost Choir (6:07)Robots Alive! (4:09)Up To No Good (4:05)
Yoh-Haee-Von (1:17) Merry Blah Blah Blah (4:04)
Transmission On Repeat (1:05)
CD5 – HumananimalsCD 6 – AbracadaverCD 7 – Sextravaganza Spectacular
SCG Minus 3: Scarctic Circle Telethon (1:21)SCG Minus 2: Horricone (1:18)SCG Minus 1: The Ruiz Ranch Massacre (3:26)
Borderline (4:12)Devilium (3:46)Demon Supreme (3:31)
 Victims Of The Romance (3:47)Abracadaver (3:41)Re-animate 4:13)
Heart Of A Lion (4:33)Rejected (3:44)Lizzard Of Oz (4:08)
The Bullet Bites Back (4:07)Acid Bleeding Eyes (3:28)Killusion (3:09)
Be My Maniac (3:40)
Raging At Tomorrow (5:01)Skull And Bones (3:16)
Rucking Up The Party (4:07)Beast Of Both Worlds (4:59)Goliath (4:41)
Girl In A Suitcase (4:07)I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry (3:34)Drekavac (3:28)
Supernatural (3:49)Bent Outta Shape (5:05)Terror Extra-Terrestical (4:31)
Like A Bee To The Honey (4:15) Evil (4:35)Shake The Baby Silent (3:36)
Humanimal (3:53) Vulture Of Fire (3:47)If It Ain’t Broken (Must Break It) (3:24)
 Beastwood (0:56)Anticlimax (0:18)